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Place: 7A Cafe

Neighborhood: East Village, 109 Avenue A (at 7th St.)

Mimosa Rating:

Inside 7A

The scoop: Once you’ve brunched at 7A Cafe, you will never forget where it is located since it is exactly where its name suggests, 7th Street and Avenue A. It was a solo brunch, and I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, there were quite a few people there brunching by themselves. The restaurant was very busy, but I didn’t have to wait for a table. 7A is located on the corner, and there are large windows where you can people watch in this busy area. The majority of the place is painted yellow, and there is a large painting of a finger (I am hoping it was the pointer) on the back wall. The crowd was pretty young, and the restaurant was loud with chatter. It wasn’t unbearably loud as it was comfortable enough for the solo brunchers to read their newspapers.

The service was pretty quick. Sometimes I can be indecisive when it comes to ordering, so I asked the waitress for her suggestions, and she was friendly while offering her opinions. Although the wait staff never checked on me while I eating (or maybe I looked like I was enjoying myself), the waiter came exactly at the right moment when I was done, and the waitress provided me with the check right away.

Cava Rose-Brut

Bottoms up: The brunch menu isn’t listed online, so I was pleasantly surprised with their $13.95 brunch special for an entrée and complimentary drink.

Cava Rose-Brut

This was an excellent choice, and it went well with my french toast. It was extremely bubbly and it remained bubbly throughout the entire time I was at the restaurant. The drink, which was refreshing, had a hint of fruit. 

Chew on this:

French toast $13.95 / Served with 1) Choice of sausage, ham, or bacon; 2) Banana, strawberry, blueberry or raisins and walnuts; 3) Strawberry butter or rum butter

French Toast

I’ve been craving French toast, so I did some research to find tasty French toast in the city. Lots of reviews led me to 7A, and I wanted to try it for myself. There were many options to choose from for the French toast dish. I decided on sausage, banana and rum butter. I knew I was in for a treat as I smelled the deliciousness as soon as the dish was placed in front of me. I decided to spread the rum butter on the toast, and it was a nice spread with a hint of rum. Because the rum butter tasted amazing, I didn’t need to use too much syrup. The toast was warm, soft and moist. Since the toast tasted great with the butter and syrup, I really didn’t need to add the bananas. Instead I ate random pieces of the banana in between bites of French toast. The sausage was a tasty contrast from the sweet food. The dish was really filling, and it was a challenge to eat the last piece of toast and sausage. Everything was so good; I didn’t leave anything on my plate.

Outside 7A

The final bite: 7A Cafe is a good place to catch up with a friend for a social brunch. Although the website says brunch is served until 5 p.m., the menu at the restaurant stated 6 p.m., which is great for those who like to enjoy a late brunch.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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