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Welcome to Brunch Buzz. A blog devoted to the trials and tribulations of the best made up meal of the day, Brunch! You may recognize the author, Erica, from Brunch Gang – famed brunch blog dedicated to weekend brunching in NYC, bringing expertise to blogging about Brunch.

Check back always and often to see where Brunch Buzz will be this weekend and where BB has been recently tried.

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Q&A with author, Erica:

  1. My favorite brunch item is: It’s still hands down, eggs benedict! I prefer innovative ingredients, with a twist on the sauce, for example, and I am a sucker for an oversized homemade biscuit.
  2. My go-to brunch spot is: Blue Ribbon Bakery in West Village. They have a simple menu and it’s always reliable. I have yet to take someone there who hasn’t left stuffed and satisfied. 
  3. When I’m heading to brunch, I’m listening to: Anything to get me movin’! Always a shuffle variety of some sort, I like several genres of music.
  4. My brunch beverage of choice is: I love a Champagne cocktail.
  5. Transportation of choice to brunch: I am all about the Citi Bike! 
  6. When I’m not brunching, I am: Constantly trying to find the next vacation spot. I love to travel.

Q&A with author, Stephanie:

  1. My favorite brunch item is: French toast. I’m a sucker for sweets.
  2. My go-to brunch spot is: In the city, Cafe Cortadito (210 E. 3rd St.)  hits on all the right notes — great Cuban food, a variety of yummy drinks and good service. Locally for me would be Marco and Pepe in Jersey City (289 Grove St.). Although they don’t have any drink specials (they do give you a complimentary shot of yummy hot chocolate with whipped cream), their food is out of this world. The French toast is made with a croissant! The ham and eggs are delightful and the morning bun is heavenly. I know it’s out of the way for Manhattanites, but brunch at Marco and Pepe is worth the short PATH ride.
  3. My brunch beverage of choice is: A classic mimosa!
  4. When I’m heading to brunch, I’m listening to: I like a variety of music, but my iTunes includes music from Guster, Eric Hutchinson, Adele, John Mayer, Death Cab for Cutie, U2, Coldplay, Keane, Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson.
  5. When I’m not brunching, I’m: Keeping busy and having fun! I love to bake, and if I could, I’d open up a cookie bakery tomorrow! I like making brunch at home. I also enjoy reading, playing touch and flag football, basketball and soccer in local sports leagues, rooting for my teams — the Yankees, Giants, Rangers and Nova basketball,  walking around the city.
  6. Not many people know this, but: I’m a distant relative of Vincent Van Gogh.

Q&A with author, Victoria:

  1. My favorite brunch item is: I like to split my dishes evenly at brunch. An ideal brunch is sharing French toast and an egg dish with someone.
  2. My go-to brunch spot is: Jules Bistro (65 St. Marks Place). The food here is amazing! None of my friends ever complain about their meals at Jules. They also have live jazz music. This is definitely a feel good place.
  3. My brunch beverage of choice is: Red sangria
  4. When I’m heading to brunch, I’m listening to: Rock and pop music. Anything from Kings of Leon, DMB, Death Cab, to the latest Lady Gaga or Usher song.
  5. When I’m not brunching, I’m: Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym and perfecting my simple salmon, chicken and turkey recipes. At the gym you will find me kickboxing, spinning, lifting and jumping in the cardio/weight classes, or doing my own routine. I love going to restaurants and catching up with friends.
  6. Not many people know this, but: Growing up I was very good at bowling. I would play in a league and my parents (awesome bowlers) would take me.  Now I probably can’t score above 60 (tsk tsk).