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agave_mapPlace: Agave

Location: West Village, 140 7th Ave. South (between 10th St. & Charles St.)

Mimosa Rating:

3 mimosas

The scoop: We were having a girls’ brunch at Agave. One of the girls is a new mommy, so there was a baby in our party as well. Agave seemed like a good spot for our group because they offer unlimited drinks and don’t force everyone to get the deal and because of the size of the restaurant.

Bar- Agave

Agave is pretty large and gets packed during brunch, so making a reservation is your best bet. There is outdoor seating, a bar at the front of the restaurant, and a very big dining area at the back of the restaurant. The back of the restaurant is huge! You would never know if you were seated at the front of the restaurant as we were. It was a warm late summer day, and the sun was beating down on us through the front windows. We had an ample amount of space and even enough room for a stroller.

Outside Agave 2

Bottoms up: The unlimited deal is $24.95,  with your choice from select egg dishes and two hours of bottomless mimosas, wine or the Agave traditional margarita.


The majority of us ordered mimosas. They weren’t strong, but they included a slice of orange. We each had a decent amount of refills.

Chew on this: 

Huevos Rancheros / With blue corn tortillas, beef & pork chili and a golden fried egg

Huevos Rancheros - Agave

Not as filling as your usual messy Huevos Rancheros, but it was the perfect amount of food to consume without making me feel overly stuffed. Was it the best Huevos Rancheros I’ve had? Not really, as it seemed to lack something. The beef and pork chili had a prominent flavor. I liked the taste, but I would have liked more pico de gallo or something else to balance the dish. The menu didn’t mention sour cream, and not being a huge fan of sour cream, I just scooped it off to the side. The fried egg was fine and the guacamole didn’t seem to have much of a taste, but I think it didn’t stand out as the chili flavor dominated the dish. It was almost like having chili tacos. 

Sunrise Fiesta Burrito / Scrambled eggs, chicken, chorizo, potatoes, peppers, onions, salsa, cheese, avocado crema
I ordered the Sunrise Fiesta Burrito because it looked like a good mix of breakfast and lunch. I asked for no chorizo, and the server happily complied. There were plenty of eggs in the burrito, but I thought it lacked chicken. I’m OK with that because I really enjoy breakfast burritos, but it’s worth nothing. The soft potatoes were in an abundance as well, and the burrito contained just the right amount of Mexican cheese. I’m glad the black beans were served underneath and not in the burrito. The burrito was extremely stuffed as is! I felt satisfied when I left Agave (I couldn’t finish my brunch dish — a rarity), and I would likely order the Sunrise Fiesta Burrito again.

The final bite: While the food isn’t the best we’ve ever had, Agave is a good place for groups and a solid all-you-can-drink option. Our glasses were never empty, and we didn’t feel rushed to leave once we finished our meals.

Reviewed by: Stephanie and Victoria

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