Anthony David’s

By on August 1, 2011

Place: Anthony David’s

Neighborhood: Hoboken, 111 10th St. (corner of 10th and Bloomfield)

Mimosa Rating: 

Outside Anthony David's

The scoop: Anthony David’s is a charming gourmet marketplace and “dining room” in uptown Hoboken. They are well-known in town for their dinner, but they also serve brunch every day from 9 a.m. – 3  p.m. Since a weekday brunch can be hard to find, Anthony David’s is really a great option for anyone looking to brunch during the week. They also offer a nice balance of breakfast and lunch items on the brunch menu, including a huge eggs benedict list. We came here around 12 p.m. on a Thursday, and it was relatively empty. We were seated in the marketplace part of the restaurant. It was quaint and rustic, with very pretty and ornate green ceilings. There was fun decor all over the restaurant. There was a huge collection of baskets hanging from the ceiling, and shelves with different kinds of syrups and spices. There were also bags of different coffees available for sale. The marketplace also featured cupcakes, croissants, sandwiches, and beverages to go. The dining room part of the restaurant was a little more upscale, but still incorporated the same style as the marketplace. Anthony David’s also offers outdoor seating. Our waiter was very nice, but the service was very slow, especially considering how empty the restaurant was. Even the fruit cup that we ordered as an appetizer took at least 20 minutes to arrive! Perhaps the restaurant does not have a well-staffed kitchen during the week, which is understandable, but it took a long time for our meals to arrive as well.

Iced coffee

Bottoms up: Anthony David’s is a BYOB restaurant. I have to say, Hoboken has some really great options for BYOB brunch, which is great for brunchers who are looking to save some money! They had a nice selection of teas and coffees. My cousin Ashley and I opted to get iced coffees. They were served in huge wine glasses. They offered vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and almond syrups for the iced coffee. We tried the vanilla and caramel, and we both liked our drinks.

Chew on this:

Fruit plate

Fruit plate $7

This was a medium size bowl of watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew. The fruit was nice and fresh and the pieces were cut into perfect bite-size pieces. This was certainly a refreshing appetizer on a very hot and humid day! 

Proscuitto panini

Proscuitto panini $11.50 /  Taleggio cheese, oven dried tomato and arugula

As  you can see, this sandwich was on the small side, and one side of the bread was pretty badly burnt. Other than that, the bread was good and crispy. There was just enough prosciutto on the panini, maybe about four to five slices, which was good because prosciutto can be so salty. The cheese tasted similar to provolone, very flavorful and delicious. The cheese went well with the prosciutto. The salad had a nice and light balsamic dressing on it. I was happy with my choice. 

Ricotta and truffle benedict

Ricotta and truffle benedict $17.50 / Served with a side of home fries

When I saw how extensive the egg benedict options were, I knew I had to try one. This one jumped right out at me and I was really excited to try it. When it arrived, it was actually a little on the cold side. The ricotta was placed under each egg, and the truffles were mixed into the ricotta. The truffle flavor was strong, so this dish is definitely for someone who likes truffles. The eggs were nicely poached, and the English muffin did not get too soggy from the ricotta or egg. The hollandaise sauce was bland. The home fries were red potatoes mixed with red and green peppers, and they had some seasoning that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It might have been a curry seasoning, but whatever it was, it didn’t really appeal to me. I would say this was an average dish. 

Chicken caesar salad

Chicken caesar salad $12.50 / Chicken pillard, grilled crostini, shaved parmesan

The grilled chicken caesar salad was a reasonable portion for lunch. There was plenty of chicken, but the dressing was very light. The chicken had a nice flavor. There were a lot of croutons, which I didn’t eat. This salad was very tasty.

French toast

French toast $11.25 / Thickly sliced Challah bread, nutmeg, vanilla and coconut almond butter    

The French toast was soggy which made it extremely filling; however, because it was prepared with Challah bread, it was a lot less thick than ordinary French toast. This gave it a special something, which made it absolutely delicious. The plate was rich-tasting, sprinkled with cinnamon and a pinch of powdered sugar. It was just enough for a perfect combination of all tastes. Yummy! 

Chicken parm sandwich

Chicken parm sandwich $11.50 / Served on herb ciabatta

I loved this sandwich! It was one of the best I’ve ever had. The chicken was moist, and the sauce was tasty. The mozzarella was good and plentiful. The bread held the sandwich together well and did not get too soggy. There was a small salad on the side that was dressed in balsamic dressing. I highly recommend this sandwich! 

Outside of the marketplace side

The final bite: Anthony David’s offers a huge brunch menu, and the fact that they serve brunch every day is a big plus. Their offerings are unique and a step above what you might find on a typical menu. The service was slow, despite the fact that it was relatively quiet. Some of the dishes were great, some were right on the mark and some fell short, leaving us with a slightly above average experience.

Reviewed by: Jen

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