By on July 12, 2011

Place: Back Forty

Neighborhood: East Village, 190 Avenue B (at 12th St.)

Mimosa Rating:


The scoop:
This restaurant is very spacious and has a casual and laid back vibe. There is one large banquet table in the center and several small tables scattered throughout. There was also an area cut off from the rest of the seating area where a group was hosting a bridal shower (so keep in mind for birthdays and such!).  I have read this place gets packed, but there were plenty of open tables after 2 p.m. on a Saturday. They have a decent back porch that gives off a backyard feel with vintage patio chairs and tables scattered. Luckily, there are options to sit in the shade or sun, but we opted to sit inside since it was so hot out. All of the windows were kept open which provided a good breeze throughout the restaurant.  The high ceilings helped to make the space feel open.

Chew on this:

Pork belly fries

Pork belly fries with two poached eggs and arugula pesto salad $11

This was the brunch special and my mouth watered after the waitress described the dish. I was a little surprised when the meal came and the pork belly actually resembled a mozzarella stick, but after taking one bite into the delicious and flavorful pork I knew this was a fantastic choice. The runny eggs made for great dipping with the pork belly fries. The only downside was the 3 fries – I wanted MORE!! The salad was ok, but all of the items together complimented each other. 


Waffles with seasonal fruit and chopped hazelnuts $10

Just your average Belgian waffle. It was fluffy and moist, but nothing spectacular. The fruit and hazelnuts did not really give this dish much depth. I am a syrup lover, so I drenched the waffle to add flavor.

Porch area

The final bite: The restaurant is pretty large in size and it’s a good place to accommodate a large group. We think the brunch menu is limited and lacks the typical brunch staples (such as french toast and pancakes). We did our research before brunch and were looking forward to trying the spiced pumpkin pancakes that are listed on the online menu. Unfortunately this dish was not listed on the menu at the restaurant! All in all the food was good, however, there needs to be more options at Back Forty.

Reviewed by: Erica & Victoria

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