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Bourbon Street Cafe

By on June 8, 2011

Place: Bourbon Street Cafe

Neighborhood: Bayside, Queens, 40-12 Bell Blvd.

Mimosa Rating:

Outside Bourbon Street

The scoop: After doing research on brunches in Bayside, Bourbon Street Cafe looked like my best bet. Located on the busiest street in Bayside, Bell Boulevard, Bourbon Street is a restaurant/bar with a New Orleans theme, hence the Mardi Gras beads placed on each table. The space itself is big: It has three rooms that include a bar and two dining areas. It has decent lighting, and I had no problem hearing the other people in my party. As for the actual food, I expected a lot from their brunch since it was voted “best brunch on a NYC budget” by the New York Post. And they’re right — to an extent. All brunch selections include a complimentary bloody Mary, mimosa or screwdriver, assorted bagels and muffins, a fresh fruit cup, coffee cake, and coffee/tea. You’d think, ‘You can’t go wrong with that!’ Well, you can … when the food isn’t . I have to say that our server was very nice. She checked on us numerous times and updated us when our food would be coming out, without us even asking. The manager of the restaurant also asked us how everything was going.


Bottoms up: All four of us ordered mimosas to go with our meals. Everyone but me was given a mimosa; I was given a screwdriver. I swapped with one of my friends, and once I had a sip of the real mimosa, it was hard to tell the difference. The mimosa was watery. I’m not sure if this was because they didn’t use enough champagne or they used a cheap brand. It lacked the champagne flavor that makes a mimosa so good.

Chew on this:

Fruit cups

Fruit cup / Complimentary

The fruit cup was a pleasant surprise and the best part of the meal. Pieces of watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew and pineapple were fresh and tasty.

Assorted bagels and homemade muffins / Complimentary

A basket of breads, bagels and muffins came with our brunch. The everything bagels tasted stale, but the mini chocolate chip muffins were decent. Actually, they tasted more like corn muffins with chocolate chips in them.

Banana waffle

Banana waffles $14.95 / Served with your choice of bacon or sausage and fresh bananas

The first thought that came to mind when my waffle was placed in front of me was, “I should have gotten eggs.” That’s never a good sign. Although the menu didn’t indicate the waffle as Belgian, that’s what I expected. What I got was a jazzed-up, less stiff version of an Eggo waffle. I expect more from restaurant waffles. I expect them to be fluffy with a golden brown outside. That’s usually what you get when you order waffles in a restaurant. I chose bacon for my meat, and it was pretty good. I liked the bacon more than the waffle.

Bourbon Street breakfast taco $14.95 / A soft taco filled with eggs, jalapeno jack cheese and fresh avocado served with our homemade salsa. Includes your choice of bacon or sausage

Breakfast taco

While the breakfast taco was a big portion, it lacked any real flavor. I think they try to blind you with the size of it. I felt like I was eating it just to fill myself up; I didn’t enjoy it. The potatoes contained too many onions. However, I did like the sausage.

Omelets of your choice $14.95 / Our delicious homemade omelet filled with your choice of three: mushrooms, cheese, peppers or broccoli. Includes your choice of bacon or sausage

Cheese omelette

The cheese omelette was good. If you only asked for one stuffing, they shouldn’t skimp on it, and they didn’t! I thought the bacon was the best part of the meal because they made it extra crispy. Bacon should be well done (but not burnt), and a lot of places make it very rubbery because they are trying to just get it out of the kitchen. The potatoes were good because they had some sort of seasoning on them and didn’t taste like every other home-fried potato elsewhere. My one question about the meal: Where was the toast? They didn’t offer any, and it wasn’t on the menu. Maybe because of the bread basket?

Coffee cake / Complimentary

Coffee cake

This was the last part of our meal, and I think it was supposed to act as a dessert. Honestly, they should have ended the meal with our entree because the coffee cake was very dry. After one bite I didn’t want any more. That’s saying a lot because as I’ve mentioned before, I love sweets.

The final bite: I really wanted to like Bourbon Street Cafe. The servers were very friendly, and you definitely get a lot for your money. But the food just wasn’t that good. Quality should trump quantity, in my opinion, and that’s not the case at Bourbon Street.

Reviewed by: Stephanie


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