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Brunching at home: A taste of fall

By on October 20, 2011

Beautiful foliage, pumpkins, Halloween, apples … what’s not to love about fall? Fall is my favorite season, and after a trip to Riamede Farms this past weekend, I was inspired to whip up the flavors of fall for my boyfriend and I while we watched the Giants game. I wanted to pass along some of the recipes so you can make your own fall brunch!

Goat cheese and apple omelette

We picked over six pounds of apples at Riamede, and I wanted to use some for brunch. I wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate them into an egg dish, so I went on a whim and created my own omelette. One of the types of apples we picked was Mutsu. I had never heard of this apple before, so I did some research on it. It is also known as the Crispin, and has a taste similar to Golden Delicious and Indo apples. I figured goat cheese would go well with apples, so I decided to combine it with a Mutsu apple in the omelette. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at how the goat cheese and the apple complemented each other! ¬†The Mutsu was not too sweet and had a little bit of a tartness to it. It was a great cooking apple.

Pumpkin pancakes

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin! I drink pumpkin iced coffee every day. My current hand soap in my bathroom is Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Caramel Latte. I make pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting at least once every fall. So, you could say I’m a little bit of a pumpkin junkie. Pumpkin pancakes are the perfect fall brunch dish, so I found this recipe on and experimented with these pancakes. I followed the recipe exactly and did not make any substitutions. The pancakes were moist with mild pumpkin flavor, and were not sweet at all. I would have preferred a bit of a stronger flavor, so if you’re making these yourself, I recommend enhancing the flavor with pumpkin butter or cinnamon whipped cream on top.

Hard apple cider

Cider is one of my other favorite things about fall. I’ve been on a big cider kick lately, so I wanted to treat myself to a glass of hard cider after making all that food. My local liquor store was out of most ciders, but they recommended Cidre Bouch√© Brut De Normandie, which is a French apple cider. It was very tart and super strong, but it went well with the two dishes that I made. If you’re looking for a light and slightly sweet apple cider, I recommend trying Crispin Cider, which I had recently at Puck Fair.

Fall has unlimited possibilities for delicious meals, so get creative with the sights and smells around you and cook up your own autumn brunch!

Written by: Jen




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