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Map - Casa LeverPlace: Casa Lever

Location: Midtown East, 390 Park Ave. (between 53rd St. & 54th St.)

Mimosa Rating: 

3 1/2 mimosas

The scoop: Brunch Gang was invited to check out brunch at Casa Lever on an upcoming Saturday. Thank you, Ansleigh!

Casa Lever has a classy and comfortable feel. There were many cozy booths surrounding the dinning area, with regular tables in the center. Bright colored Andy Warhol pictures added a modern twist to the atmosphere. What else could top off a nice vibe at a restaurant? The live music! We enjoyed the musicians that played while we brunched.


Our waiter was extremely friendly, and he provided us with a great brunch experience. Not only did he check up on us several times to make sure we had everything we needed, he also was readily available to discuss the dishes and offer his thoughts on some of his favorite brunch items. The entire wait staff came across as very professional.

Bottoms up:

Casa Lever has a brunch special that includes a brunch cocktail or freshly squeezed juice, an entrée and dessert for $35 per person.

Mimosa $16 / Freshly squeezed orange juice, prosecco

I enjoyed the fresh squeezed OJ. It definitely made the mimosa taste of better quality than your average mimosa. The champagne was a good pour — not too little and not too much. 


Bellini classico $16 / White peach purée, prosecco

I’ll be honest, $16 for a bellini is pretty steep, but the price is standard for a nice restaurant like Casa Lever. The bellini was pretty good, and I could tell the drink included fresh purée. Sometimes you get juice instead.

Chew on this:

Steak and Eggs $29 / Grilled sirloin steak, parmesan truffle fries, smoked paprika aioli


I knew Casa Lever would do this classic dish exactly the way it was intended. The steak was divine and cooked to perfection. It was a wonderfully juicy cut. I love runny eggs, but scrambled would have been a great sub as well. The truffle French fries (I mean could you ask for anything more?) and the delicious sauce on the side completed the flavor. Get this dish if you are a steak-and-eggs regular or if you have never tried this dish at brunch. 

Omelet Panino $18 / Ciabatta bread, smoked salmon, asparagus, jalapeño, crème fraiche


The omelet was wedged in between two pieces of bread. At first I tried eating it with a fork and knife, but it was too difficult to cut, so I ended up eating it like a sandwich. The description of the omelet sounds a little more exciting than how it actually tasted. I personally thought it was a little on the plain side. Also, the bread was too much, so I ended up moving the bread off to the side.

Gianduia $12 / Milk chocolate and hazelnut crunch, gianduia mousse, hazelnut cream


We lovvved the dessert. The gianduia melted right in our mouths and had a nice crunch. The hazelnut ice cream was amazing. We wanted more after we were done. Order this dessert with a cup of coffee, and you’ll leave Casa Lever with a smile.

The final bite:  Although Casa Lever is on the pricey side, the comfortable atmosphere and professional service make this place a great spot to brunch if you have a Saturday business meeting. Also, Fifth Avenue is pretty close by so it’s not a bad place to brunch prior to going shopping.


Reviewed by: Erica and Victoria


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