Dear Brunch Gang

Dear Brunch Gang: Brunching on a budget

By on November 3, 2011

Dear Brunch Gang,

Due to the economy, I recently lost my job 🙁 Not only am I stressed about finding a new job during these difficult times, but I am also upset that now I have to watch my brunch budget. Brunching is one of my favorite hobbies, and I’m hoping I can still brunch on a bi-weekly basis. Any suggestions as to where I can brunch on a budget?

Pink Slip


Dear Pink Slip,

We are so sorry to hear about your job situation. Brunch Gang is here to help sustain your favorite hobby. Luckily not only is brunching enjoyable, but it is also one of the most cost-effective meals of the day. You can eat a late brunch and not even worry about having a big dinner, therefore, you end up saving money.

Mexican hot chocolate - Coppelia

If you are looking for something different, try Coppelia located in Chelsea. All of their brunch dishes are literally less than $10, and the Cuban twist adds a little something extra to each dish. Stephanie enjoyed her delicious hot chocolate and had positive things to say about the service.

Everyone is raving about the pancakes at Cheryl’s Global Soul in Brooklyn. Their brunch prix-fixe menu consists of dishes ranging from $10-$12.95, and it includes coffee and a mimosa or bloody Mary. Also, if you are bringing a little one, their kids’ brunch menu has dishes for only $5.50. What a steal!

Just a short train ride from Manhattan, you will find a hot spot located in Long Island City known as Cranky’s. This restaurant serves all of the brunch staples Thursday through Sunday starting at $7.95 per entrĂ©e.

Galette - The Barrel

Jen and Victoria had a great time at The Barrel in the East Village. All items on the brunch menu are $11.95 and include coffee, tea and a complimentary sangria, bloody Mary, bellini, mimosa or orange juice. The Barrel definitely does not skimp on the food! You can read our review to learn more about the food, drinks and service.

Jen at Bondi Road

You can always try the Sunburnt Cow (East Village) and its sister restaurants Bondi Road (Lower East Side), or Sunburnt Calf (Upper West Side). The average price for an entrĂ©e on their brunch menu is $12. If you are able to spare a couple of extra dollars and are looking for a boozy brunch, for $18 you get an entrĂ©e and unlimited “moomosas,” “moo marys,” Fosters, screwdrivers, or greyhounds. Brunch Gang has many good memories at these restaurants. It’s definitely a place where you would want to come with a group of friends and just have a good time and forget about your troubles.

Hopefully, our restaurant suggestions will fit into your budget and allow you to continue to brunch on! Feel free to email us at for more suggestions.

Best of luck,
Brunch Gang


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