Dear Brunch Gang

Dear Brunch Gang: Children-friendly brunches

By on September 13, 2011

Dear Brunch Gang,

I love my children, but I miss the days when I could meet my girlfriends and enjoy a delicious brunch. Do you know of any restaurants that serve a great brunch and cater to children? FYI, my kids are picky eaters.

Hungry Mommy


Dear Hungry Mommy,

Brunch is an experience that even your kids can enjoy. Luckily we are here to help you find ideal restaurants to satisfy your picky eaters and your need for a good brunch.


We would suggest visiting Cowgirl in the West Village. This restaurant has a very diverse brunch menu and dishes your kids will love, such as corn dogs and mac and cheese. I have been here several times during the day and have seen a good amount of children with smiles on their faces. Your kids are sure to love the candy sold at the general store located in the front of the restaurant.


Kitchenette is also a must. This place is so popular that they have two locations on both sides of Manhattan (Tribeca and Morningside Heights). Not only does this restaurant look like Barbie’s bakery between the polka dots, pink and white walls, and cute decor, but they also have an inexpensive kids brunch menu!


Bubby’s knows how to take care of brunch lovers in Manhattan (Tribeca) and Brooklyn (DUMBO) with their amazing brunch served during normal brunch hours and at midnight. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate children, and I am sure your kids will find something to enjoy off of their cute colorful kids menu.


Now for the mommies in Queens, Sanfords Restaurant in Astoria is worth a visit. I’ve heard their peanut butter banana pancakes and banana chocolate chip pancakes will make your kids go crazy.

If you live in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, you can try Backyards Bistro. Their brunch menu is inexpensive, and your children can have their pick off of their kids menu. Their PBJ pretzel sounds yummy!

Brunch can be a great bonding experience with your children. We hope you and your kids keep bangin’ out the brunches, one milkshake at a time!

Happy brunching,
Brunch Gang




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