Dear Brunch Gang

Dear Brunch Gang: Men and brunch

By on October 13, 2011

Dear Brunch Gang,

My boyfriend hates brunch! He doesn’t like the food, thinks the drinks are too girly, and says that brunch is just a reason for chicks to get together to gossip and talk about “Real Housewives”. Don’t get me wrong, I love brunching with my girls, but it would be nice to enjoy brunch with him every now and then. Any suggestions for brunches that he might actually like?

Brunchless in Love


Dear Brunchless in Love,

Girl, we feel your pain! Some of the ladies of the Brunch Gang struggle with the same problem. It hasn’t been easy. but we’ve found a few ways that we can brunch with our men and keep everyone happy.


You’re probably used to seeing mimosas and bloody Marys offered with brunch, and we know that might scare your boyfriend away. Did you know that there are places in the city that offer craft beer with brunch? Hop Devil Grill has BEER-unch on the weekends! Your man can have his choice of 24 unlimited craft beers while you sip on mimosas, bloody Marys, sangria or even join him in having a beer. If you’re looking for another craft beer brunch, check out Taproom 307.

More and more places are offering the “manmosa”, which is a manlier version of the classic mimosa. Every place does it a little differently, but it usually involves beer and some sort of orange juice or orange liqueur. You can find manmosas served with brunch at Open Door Gastropub in the Financial District or Gaslight in Hoboken.

Treat him to a nice big steak!

Your guy probably thinks that brunch is just your typical American eggs Benedict and pancakes, but what’s his favorite kind of cuisine? If he loves Cuban, Cajun, Southern cooking, Italian or even barbeque, there are so many different places in New York that offer brunch. He can try Havana Central’s Hungry Man’s Cuban Breakfast, or pulled pork and eggs from Bone Lick Park. If he loves steak, make a visit to Dylan Prime, where you man can chow down on a hangar steak, filet, ribeye or even a Porterhouse with his eggs.

Need to keep your boyfriend occupied during brunch? Bring him to Garage for jazz music or Nolita House for live bluegrass tunes. If your man wants to brunch while watching the game, check out the brunch at Opal, Bounce or some other spots that are perfect for game-time brunching.

Cheers to love and brunch,
Brunch Gang 


October 14, 2011




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