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Place: East of Eighth

Neighborhood: Chelsea, 254 W. 23rd St. (between 7th and 8th Aves.)

Mimosa Rating: 

Outside restaurant

Outside restaurant

The scoop: East of Eighth has a very zen-like vibe to it. There is a small bar area downstairs and a dining area on the second floor. It is relatively quiet and a great place for conversation. We had heard a great deal about their garden, but we went on a rainy day and didn’t get a chance to brunch outside. We were seated in the upstairs area, close to the bar. The server was very attentive and helpful, and the food came out fairly quickly.

Bloody Mary


Bottoms up: East of Eighth offers one complimentary mimosa or bloody Mary with their $14.95 prix-fixe brunch. The mimosa was very good, and you can tell they used a quality champagne in it. We were quite pleased! The bloody Mary had a bite to it. If you don’t like your brunch drink spicy, I’d say go with the mimosa.

Chew on this: 

Muffins and bread

Fresh baked breads and muffins / Complimentary

A basket of breads and small muffins were provided as part of the meal. The muffins consisted of corn bread and banana. Both muffins were toasted and tasty. They were quick to refill our basket when we were running low. 

Farmer's egg white omelet

Farmer’s omelet $14.95  / Filled with potatoes, brie, bacon and sautéed onions

I opted to get this made with egg whites, but either way, this was a very tasty omelet! It was a generous size and had a good amount of each ingredient in it, although I personally would have loved more brie. The bacon was crispy and there were plenty of onions, but they did not overpower the omelet. The potatoes were very good, but I wish they were cut just a little bit smaller. Overall, all of the ingredients meshed very well together, and I was more than satisfied with my choice. 

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo $14.95Ciabatta French Toast filled with ham and Swiss cheese with maple syrup

This dish was a good size. The ciabatta bread was delicious! The ham was thickly cut, and there was a nice amount of cheese. I was very happy with my meal. I also got a side of home fries, and they were cooked well and seasoned nicely. 

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast burrito $14.95Scrambled eggs, salsa, bacon and cheddar cheese, served with home fried potatoes

This breakfast burrito sounds very simple, but it was delicious. The eggs were cooked just how I like them — not runny, but not overdone. The eggs, bacon and cheddar are a perfect combination. I alternated between dipping the burrito in a little bit of ketchup and the salsa, which gave the burrito a nice flavor.  I was amazed that the burrito stayed so warm — even when I was eating the second half of the burrito. I’d recommended this dish to anyone in the mood for eggs. 

Banana pecan pancakes

Banana pecan buttermilk pancakes $14.95 / Special to the Saturday brunch menu

My dish consisted of three large, fluffy pancakes with bananas and pecans baked in as well as on top. Syrup was already on the pancakes when I was served, and it was the perfect amount. I didn’t need any more, but the pancakes weren’t drowning in the syrup either. I wish I could have finished the whole meal because I really enjoyed it, but I got full. The pancakes were light, sweet and tasty!

The final bite: East of Eighth offered quality drinks and delicious food at a very reasonable price. We would definitely come back and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good brunch in Chelsea.

Reviewed by: Jen and Stephanie

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    June 15, 2011

    I just started following @eastofeighth and have been wanting to check out their brunch, now I know I will…



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