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Place: Ember Room

Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen, 647 9th Ave. (between 45th and 46th St.)

Mimosa Rating:

Sidewalk sign

The scoop:
A fairly new establishment, Ember Room is a very modern Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.  If you’re a foodie, you will know going into the Ember Room means tasting the culinary geniuses Todd English and Ian Charlemkittichai’s Asian meets American comfort food. The combination of flavors and familiar cuisines from both cultures will keep you coming back. It feels like you are in the Meatpacking District when you are inside – it has a nightclub feel. Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a cheesy place by any means and you will want to bring anyone from your friend to your boyfriend to your parents here with you. There are four different themed rooms, all with contemporary modern design. With ample amount of seating and its location near the Theater District, this is a fantastic place to hit up prior to a matinee show for brunch. I really can’t understand why this place was completely empty on a Saturday morning, except for the fact they had just opened their doors for brunch.

Lower-level interior

Bottoms up: For a mere $15, you can add unlimited Marys and mimosas to your brunch or lunch entrée. Also, Urban Daddy had an option to pay $30 for the dim sum special, which included unlimited beers and different types of Bloody Marys for two hours.

Chew on this: There is a lot going on with this menu. You have lunch, brunch and specials for both. Our server helped us out by suggesting to mix and match both the lunch and brunch items so we could try a little of everything. After debating for some time, we decided to both try what we were craving on the brunch menu.

Short rib gyoza

BBQ short rib gyoza $5 / Black vinegar, sriracha, cilantro

This app is a lunch or brunch item. A gyoza is another name for Japanese pot sticker or Chinese dumpling. This dish was mouthwatering, and this is coming from someone whose mom makes homemade dumplings! For the price and flavor, I encourage you to order multiple. Your entire table will be in heaven! You only see 2 1/2 dumplings on the plate; that’s because they were so incredible I couldn’t snap a pic fast enough!

Asian hash $14 / Slow braised short rib, fried sunny side up eggs, rice beetroot puree

Asian hash

Although this dish was on the smaller side, it couldn’t have tasted more decadent. The flavors of the short rib combined with the scrambled eggs (chosen over sunny side) and puree was delicious. It was a great Asian twist on a typical American brunch dish.

Brioche French toast
$10 / With NY style apple compote and maple syrup

French toast

How many times can you continue to eat French toast and not get bored?! This is a great dish for those with a sweet tooth. The French toast was cooked just perfectly and really hit the spot. The apple compote tasted like the inside of an apple pie – yum!

The final bite: This place is great for a big group or just an intimate party of two. It is the perfect place to sip on brunch cocktails for a few hours and relax. I really wasn’t expecting much when we randomly decided to brunch here, but it left a great taste in my mouth and the desire to go back soon!

Reviewed by: Erica

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