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Place: Faces & Names

Neighborhood: Midtown West, 159 W. 54th St.

Mimosa Rating:

The scoop: After visiting the MOMA, we walked a couple of blocks and randomly came across Faces & Names. Faces & Names is spacious and has a comfortable atmosphere that would satisfy people with different preferences. In the front of the restaurant, there is a large and casual square bar where you can socialize with friends or strangers. As you proceed to walk toward the back, you will pass several tables where you can comfortably enjoy a meal. The back of the restaurant has a cozy and intimate feel with several couches and low tables. You can test your pop culture knowledge by guessing the faces and names of the many celebrity caricatures that are plastered on the walls.


Bottoms up: Each brunch dish costs $12 and includes coffee and a brunch drink (mimosa, screwdriver, bloody Mary, Bud Light draft, soft drink or iced tea). For some reason I decided to go with a Bud Light, however, it probably wasn’t the best drink to pair with an egg dish. Matt ordered the screwdriver, which was pretty tasty and matched well with the brunch dishes.

Chew on this:

Three-egg omelette $12 / With up to three fillings (mushrooms, Swiss, cheddar, onions, peppers, tomatoes, prosciutto, bacon), served with bacon and home fries

Three-egg omelette

I was happy to have many options to create my omelette. I decided to order egg whites with swiss, tomatoes and mushrooms. Unfortunately, my excitement came to a halt after I saw the burnt omelette. Not only was it burnt, but it tasted overly greasy. I felt like I was swallowing oil, and there was way too much cheese. I was able to taste the mushroom, however, the tomatoes were MIA between the cheese and oil. The bacon was a little on the rubbery side, so the homefries got the prize for the best item included with my dish.

Prosciutto Eggs Benedict $12 / Served with bacon and home fries

Eggs Benedict

If you are in the mood for eggs, you are better off ordering this dish over the omelette. The eggs were perfectly runny which was evident as Matt managed to get egg yolk on himself. The hollandaise sauce had a nice spicy kick to it.

The final bite: I wouldn’t travel out of my way to Faces & Names, but if you are in the Midtown area and looking for a comfortable and reasonably priced brunch, Faces & Names could work for you.

Reviewed by: Victoria


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