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Map FiatPlace: Fiat Café

Location: Nolita, 203 Mott St. (between Kenmare St. & Spring St.)

Mimosa Rating:

3 1/2 mimosas

The scoop: Fiat Cafe’s website describes the restaurant as “quirky”, and I do agree to some extent. It has a quirky, cute and cozy vibe. The quirkiness comes out in all the Fiat decorations around the restaurant. I thought it was interesting and makes the space a little different.

Inside Fiat

Although the restaurant is pretty small and tight with seating, there is something relaxing and inviting about the atmosphere. The inside was pretty bright, and the wait staff seemed friendly.

Inside Fiat

Bottoms up:

Fresh orange juice $3

OJ Fiat

The orange juice was delicious and freshly squeezed. I wanted another glass, but I didn’t feel like shelling out another $3 for a tiny glass of OJ.

Chew on this:

Poached Eggs with Gravlox Salmon $8.50 / On an English muffin with hollandaise sauce
Benny Fiat
I haven’t had eggs benny in a while, and I was craving it, so I instantly chose this dish. I like hollandaise sauce, but I hate when my eggs are swimming in it. I asked for the sauce on the side. Although one egg was slightly overcooked, the dish was still enjoyable. The downside was that it wasn’t too filling.Bagel with Salmon $5.50
Bagel Fiat
A bagel with salmon is pretty standard. A restaurant can’t really ruin this type of dish. Matt is not a fan of a lot of cream cheese so he was glad that the bagel wasn’t smothered in cream cheese. The fresh salmon came with capers and onions, which made a pretty decent bagel sandwich. Another positive is that the bagel was extremely cheap for NYC. I love bagels, and there are times when I spend over $10 on a bagel and lox.

The final bite: For the price, I think this brunch spot is pretty good if you are looking for something quick. It’s probably not a restaurant that I would travel too far out of the way to get to, but it is in a pretty popular spot that it is worth checking out if you happen to be in the area. Don’t forget to the bring money as this place accepts cash only.
Reviewed by: Victoria

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