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Place: Five Points

Neighborhood: Nolita, 31 Great Jones St. (between Lafayette and Bowery)

Mimosa Rating:

Outdoor seating

The scoop: Nestled on a small street right off of busy Bowery, you will find Five Points. Even during the holiday weekend this place was still bustling. We made reservations beforehand and also asked to sit outside (recommended). The sidewalk seating was well shaded, so the 80+ temps did not bother anyone. There was not much people watching and the view was of a huge outdoor parking lot across the street, which were the only minuses. Inside, you will find a sky-lit dining room with the kitchen exposed in the rear of the room.  The relaxing vibe made it easy to enjoy the delicious food. The menu was extensive and seemed to have a Mediterranean twist to most items. There were several brunch drinks to choose from as well. Our waiter was very friendly as he helped us decide on drinks and food.

Bottoms up: Drinks at Five Points are not included with your meal, but they offer a very large selection of brunch cocktails. The drinks weren’t cheap (they should really think about having some sort of brunch deal), but we sampled a little of everything.

Cucumber cup $12 / Bulldog gin, fresh cucumbers, fresh lime and a dash of salt

This drink was very refreshing and will hit the spot on a hot day. You should order this drink if you like cucumbers and if you are looking for something that isn’t sweet.

From L to R: Cucumber cup, rosé wine, rum punch, bloody Mary, prosecco

Cotes du Rhone $14 / Rosé wine

My glass of rosé was clean and crisp. It went well with my egg dish.

Tropical rum punch $11 / Orange, cranberry and passion fruit juices with Bacardi rum

I’m not a big mixed-drinks fan, but the combination of three juices caught my eye. The punch didn’t have a strong rum taste, but I could tell they didn’t skimp on the liquor. The punch had a tropical taste, as advertised, and was refreshing on a hot summer day.

Mexican Mary $11 / Jalapeno tequila and pickled celery

The jalapeno flavor was very potent. This was a super spicy bloody Mary. I would recommend this drink if you are looking for a good pick-me-up and enjoy spicy drinks. It was served in a pint glass.

Ombra Prosecco $12

The perfect drink on a summer day! It was refreshing and crisp but a tad overpriced, in my opinion. 

Chew on this:

Sausage and poached eggs

Pork-fennel sausage & poached eggs $15 / Buttermilk biscuit, roasted tomato sauce, Hollandaise fondue

I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite! This was basically an Italian version of eggs Benedict. The amount of food was well portioned. The tomato sauce combined with the sausage gave it that added flavor. The eggs were poached perfectly.

Lemon ricotta pancakes $13 / With Vermont maple syrup

Lemon ricotta pancakes

While the pancakes had outstanding lemon flavor, you could tell they must use a lot of ricotta in the batter because the pancakes had an interesting texture. The cheese made the pancakes super moist, which is always good, however, they had a mushy texture that I wasn’t crazy about. The portion size was very good — I got five medium-sized pancakes. All things considered, I still would recommend the dish to others because the pancakes were incredibly tasty. I’d just probably warn them about the consistency.

Salmon club

Smoked salmon club sandwich $16 / Seven-grain bread, egg salad, tartar sauce, red onion

This dish was very satisfying and tasty. The salmon was perfectly moist and mixed very well with the egg salad. I was able to substitute the chips for a salad, but I was disappointed my salad only consisted of greens.

Baked egg whites $12 / Spinach, Yukon potatoes, grana cheese, Di Palo’s smoked mozzarella

Baked egg whites

Holy protein! This dish was way bigger than I expected it to be. It was loaded with spinach, so this is great for anyone who is looking for a healthy brunch option. There wasn’t much cheese. When I did taste the mozzarella, it really stood out because of the smoky flavor. I didn’t taste any of grana cheese, but I think it was overpowered by the spinach and mozzarella. There weren’t many potatoes, but they added a nice texture and blended in well with all of the other ingredients.

The final bite: We were impressed with the wide selection of brunch dishes and the overwhelming list of cocktails. The Gang would definitely return to try something new.

Reviewed by: Brunch Gang

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