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highpoint_bistro_mapPlace: Highpoint Bistro and Bar

Neighborhood: Chelsea, 216 7th Ave. (between 22nd St. & 23rd St.)

Mimosa Rating:



The scoop: It was around 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday, and my mom and I planned to go to brunch but didn’t have a set place in mind. We checked out the menu at Highpoint Bistro and Bar, and the inside of the restaurant was inviting so we decided to give this place a shot. Although there were a few tables available at the outside of the restaurant, we decided to sit inside. As you enter the restaurant, you will pass tables on your left as well as a long bar on your right. We were seated in a comfortable area at the back, and it was quiet enough to enjoy a conversation. Although the back of the restaurant isn’t large, the mirrors on the walls make the place look big. The service was pretty good. The waitress offered her opinions when we ordered and she didn’t rush us while we were eating.

Pinot Grigio

Bottoms up: The drink menu has a variety of options from wine, beer, and signature cocktails. I personally feel the cocktails are a little overpriced for brunch. $12.00 per drink is a little steep considering our meals cost less.

Pinot Grigio $7 /Montasolo 2010, Venezia

We were both happy with our wine selection. It was crisp, light and simple enough to pair well with our egg dishes.

Chew on this:

Doughnuts and jam

Doughnuts and jam

Homemade doughnuts and jam / Complimentary

Four mini doughnuts were served in a cute mini grocery cart. The doughnuts were covered in sugar and were moist in the inside. We transformed our sugar doughnuts into jelly doughnuts with the delicious jam. I love when I have an post-brunch sweet so I saved one for after my meal.

Eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict $11 / English muffin, caramelized onion, chorizo, hollandaise

The chorizo was very juicy, and there was an ample amount on my dish. I thought the chorizo was tasty, and I didn’t want the caramelized onions to overpower the taste so I had to remove some of the onions. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the English muffin was pretty thick.

Iron omelette

Iron Omelette $10 / Tomato, cheese, spinach, home fries

My mom was very happy with her omelette. There wasn’t much cheese, but the spinach had an outstanding flavor which made this omelette very tasty. Although the home fries were a little overcooked, I would say these were the best-tasting home fries that I’ve had in a while. They were definitely made from real potatoes, and the red peppers gave the home fries extra flavor.


The final bite:  If you are looking for a casual brunch in Chelsea, I would definitely recommend Highpoint Bistro and Bar. The good food, comfortable atmosphere and attentive service  make this place a high point.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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