Hoboken Gourmet Company

By on September 7, 2011

Place: Hoboken Gourmet Company 

Neighborhood: Hoboken, 423 Washington St. (near intersection of 5th and Washington)

Mimosa Rating: 

Outside of Hoboken Gourmet

The scoop: Hoboken Gourmet has been a regular brunch place for me over the past few years. My experience has always been positive, and the food has been fairly consistent. The menu is pretty diverse, with a nice selection of breakfast and lunch items. The space is small but cute and cozy. It does get a little cramped inside, but they offer outdoor seating from April through October. The indoor tables have Table Talk cards on them with fun questions and scenarios, so this is a fun way to pass the time during your meal. They also sell baked goods like croissants, cookies and muffins. We were seated at the counter during this visit. Because of this, we got to interact with a few different servers, who were all very friendly and helpful. The service here has always been great, and this particular visit was no exception.

Iced vanilla hazelnut coffee

Bottoms up: Hoboken Gourmet does not serve alcohol, but they do have some good coffee, tea and latte options. I wanted an iced coffee, so I was looking over the flavored syrups to figure out what kind I wanted. I was hoping to get pumpkin (my fall standard), but they were all out. I was about to get vanilla syrup when the girl behind the counter told me that they had ground vanilla hazelnut coffee. Sold! The coffee was served in a regular water glass. It was tasty, and there wasn’t too much ice in it. I would definitely come back here to get a coffee to go when I’m running errands around town.

Chew on this: 

Spinach and Swiss quiche

Quiche of the day $7 / Swiss and spinach quiche served with fresh fruit or a green side salad

Even though I’ve been here a bunch of times, I don’t really have a go-to dish. I’ve experimented with a little bit of everything, from omelets to salads, but I wanted to try something new. The quiche got my attention. I asked the girl what she thought and she said even though she doesn’t normally like quiche, she really likes this one and highly recommends it. I opted to get it served with a salad instead of fruit. When it came out, I was disappointed at the size of the quiche, as I was expecting something a little bigger.  I took my first bite and was happy with my choice, though. The spinach taste wasn’t overpowering. It was pretty cheesy, but all of the cheese made the quiche oily. The salad was a simple green salad served with balsamic on the side. Although I liked my meal, I found myself wanting a little something more.

Turkey, smoked gouda & avocado

Turkey, smoked gouda & avocado $8.50 / Lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo on baguette

I always get this sandwich when I come here. I’ve never been disappointed by it, and this time was no different. The turkey had a nice smoked flavor to it. There was a ton of avocado on the sandwich but not a lot of cheese. I was happy with both amounts, though. Gouda has a strong taste to it, so you really don’t need a ton of it on the sandwich. The chips that came out with it were nice and crispy but not too greasy. This is definitely a solid sandwich choice.

The final bite: With decent food and great service, Hoboken Gourmet Company once again proved to be a reliable place for a quick and casual brunch on Washington Street.

Reviewed by: Jen

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