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Place: Kitchenette

Neighborhood: Tribeca, 156 Chambers St. (between Hudson St. & Broadway)

Mimosa Rating:

View from the counter

The scoop: Kitchenette is a cozy restaurant that gets pretty busy during brunch hours. As I approached the restaurant, groups of people were waiting to be seated. The hostess was very friendly and precise in giving us an estimated wait time of 30 minutes. We were a hungry party of three, so we decided to eat at the counter as opposed to waiting an additional 15 minutes for a table. The second we sat down, we automatically eyed all of the well-presented baked goods that were sold at the front of the restaurant. The inside was very homey, and everyone looked happy while eating their food. I loved the cute decor, from the pink walls and polka dots to the signs with food references. Since the restaurant was pretty loud with chatter and a crying child in the front, it was difficult for us to converse as we were seated in a row. One positive of sitting at the counter was the immediate service.

Bottoms up:  All of the drinks on the menu were enticing, and I had difficulty in deciding what to order since there were so many options.

Pink lemonade

Pink lemonade  $3.50

This drink was perfect on an 80-degree October day. It was very refreshing and sweet, and the lemonade flavor was prominent.


Mochaccino   $5.25

The Mochaccino looks like art in a mason jar. Although this drink contains coffee, it tasted more like a milkshake. It was sweet and very delicious.

Chew on this:


Lumberjane $16 / Two eggs, bacon or turkey sausage with two pieces of French toast

The variety of food in the Lumberjane caught my hungry eyes. I ordered my eggs scrambled and opted for the turkey sausage. The French toast was thick, however, I was disappointed with the lack of flavor. Luckily, the strawberry butter was a delicious spread which added flavor to the toast. The scrambled eggs were perfectly fluffy and moist and tasted great with the tasty turkey sausage.   

Spinach, tomato and brie omelet

Spinach, tomato and brie omelet with a biscuit $11.50

Kim’s omelet was flavorful. The strawberry butter had chunks of strawberry, and it was a prefect spread for the biscuit. All egg dishes are served with your choice of breakfast potatoes or cheese grits. Kim ordered the breakfast potatoes, and it completed this delicious dish.

Grand Slam

Grand Slam $14.50 /8 oz. Burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and cheddar. Choice of oven roasted garlic fries, coleslaw or field green salad

Maria thought her burger was amazing, and it was cooked to her liking. There was a generous amount of mushrooms, and they were in perfect condition — not overcooked and not undercooked.  She opted for the fries, and she was not disappointed.

Outside Kitchenette

The final bite: Kitchenette has a great brunch menu with many food and drink options. You definitely get a warm and fuzzy feeling in this restaurant. I suggest coming to this place if you want to indulge and feel like a big kid.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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