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Place: Kittichai

Neighborhood: SoHo, 60 Thompson St.

Mimosa Rating:


Kittichai's indoor dining area

The scoop:  The dining room is like stepping into an indoor garden. There is a large pond in the middle and tables scattered throughout. There is bamboo and foliage neatly tucked in around the room. It has a modern Asian restaurant look. You walk in feeling like you will automatically have a quality dining experience based on looks alone. You have the option of sitting in the small section outside in the front entrance, which is along a quiet section of Thompson Street.  This was not my first time at this restaurant for brunch, so I knew this would be a reliable place for out of town guests.

Bloody Mary

Bottoms up: If you decide to partake in the Thai Brunch Classics prix-fixe for $25, you will receive unlimited selected brunch cocktails for two hours. Your choices are lychee bellinis, bloody Marys or blood orange mimosas. The servers were attentive, constantly refilling our glasses. The lychee bellini and mimosa, which was made with freshly-squeezed OJ, were very sweet. The bloody Mary at Kittichai is by far one of the best. It’s a spicy, dark drink that doesn’t taste like your average bloody. There were not any issues switching to a different cocktail if you were not happy with the first selection. The server did tell me I had to finish my lychee bellini before I could switch to a bloody Mary, which I thought was kind of annoying.  One huge plus that you don’t find at many restaurants was that we were able to continue enjoying cocktails after everyone’s meals were finished.

Chew on this: Each meal was $25 which included unlimited drinks.


Kaffir lime leaf pancakes / With lemongrass butter

I was really looking forward to trying this dish. After one bite you will be hooked. You can taste a hint of lime, which is a little sweet, but nothing too overwhelming. None of the flavors listed in the description take over the taste of the actual pancake. You receive two medium-sized pancakes.  

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict / Penang curry hollandaise with morning glory

Tons of flavor! With the curry, ham and runny egg, the combination of flavor is well received.  The side of potatoes was also packed with curry flavors.  You really get what is described. 

Kittichai omelette

Kittichai omelette / Thai sour sausage, jumbo lump crab

An explosion of flavor! The sausage alone provides so much, but combined with egg and crab you can’t ask for more. This dish is highly recommended. Three people in our party ordered this meal.

Three-egg omelette

Three-egg omelette / Yellow curry roasted potatoes

The curry really enhanced the three-egg omelette. Like all the dishes at Kittichai, flavor plays an important role. If you’re a vegetarian looking for a non-meat option, this fabulous egg dish is for you.

Outdoor patio

The final bite:
Presentation is everything, and Kittichai surely delivers this through food and atmosphere. Don’t be intimidated by a Thai brunch – there is something for everyone’s taste buds on the menu — and Kittichai is great for groups.

Reviewed by: Erica

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