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kristophe_mapPlace: Kristophe

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 221 N. 4th St. (between Havemeyer St. and Roebling St)

Mimosa Rating: 

3 mimosas

The scoop: I love Brooklyn for all its outdoor space and how relaxing most restaurants’ atmospheres are. Kristophe, an eastern European restaurant serving comfort food, fits right into this scene. The outdoor space in the back is amazing. With surrounding lush greenery, there are plenty of seating options, from wooden booths to long picnic benches, which are perfect for groups.  When you’re at Kristophe, It’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of busy Williamsburg.


Inside the restaurant you feel like you’re in a wine cellar. It’s dark, and there is a huge brick fireplace and wine barrels decorating the space. There is a decently sized bar as well. The atmosphere is very chill. There is no need to rush — the service was really slow considering there weren’t many other patrons at the restaurant.

Bottoms up: It’s not mentioned on their menu, but you get a free mimosa with your brunch entrée. It was a pleasant surprise. The mimosa was nothing amazing, but it was free, so no complaints here. Other cocktails are pay per drink.


Chew on this:

Side of Kurobuta Bacon / $4


I saw the bacon being served at another table and knew I had to get it. You cannot leave this place without trying the bacon! Kurobuta is Berkshire pork, known for its thickness, juiciness and delicious flavor, which made this one of the best sides of bacon I’ve ever had. This bacon reminds me of the super thick bacon that is usually served in steakhouses. I also got a side of toast — a nice addition.

Veggie Omelet $8 / Portobello, spinach, cherry tomatoes, herbs (add cheese $1)


You can’t go wrong with this dish. The veggie omelet was pretty tasty. All of the ingredients really worked well together, and there were plenty of items stuffed inside the omelet. I received a side salad — or more like a few leaves — and some home fries and toast. These were all just OK.  

New Zealand Venison Burger $13 / Pretzel roll, cranberry chipotle, portobello, sweet onion compote, brie, pickles, walnuts


This is one of the most innovative burgers I have ever had. The combination of all of the toppings worked well with the meat, which didn’t taste overly gamey. I took one bite and my mouth was watering. The melted brie and the crunchiness from the pickles and walnuts were to die for! I loved the pretzel roll. I would highly recommend this dish if you are a burger fan. It is an amazing upgrade from whatever type of burger you have probably been eating. I also got a salad (nothing great) and sweet potato fries! The fries tasted really fresh, as if they were baked rather than fried.

Classic Eggs Benedict $11


The classic eggs Benedict was just like it sounds — your standard eggs Benedict on an English muffin. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection and sat on a slice of ham. While this was a good dish, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it since it was so plain and simple, but if you’re looking for a safe bet, this dish is it. Home fries and salad came on the side. 

The final bite: The most innovative brunch items at Kristophe were the Venison Burger and the Kurobuta Bacon, which are reasons enough for me to recommend this restaurant, if you’re in Williamsburg. They have amazing outdoor space, too, which makes you just want to relax and enjoy brunch cocktails outside all afternoon.


Reviewed by: Erica


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