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Map - cerveceriaPlace: La Cerveceria

Location: East Village, 65 2nd Ave. (between 1st Ave. & 4th St.)

Mimosa Rating:

3 1/2 mimosas

The scoop: I’ve been to La Cerveceria numerous times for dinner and I always love the food and drinks. When I noticed there was a Living Social deal for La Cerveceria, I decided to buy it and experience their brunch.

The inside of the restaurant has a modern yet simple feel. Since it was pretty warm inside and it was a nice day, we decided to brunch al fresco. Spanish music was playing inside the restaurant, and I was able to enjoy it since we were seated near the door.


Our waiter was nice and provided decent service. My only minor complaint was that he forgot to bring us our dessert. We weren’t waiting for a long time, but when he realized that he forgot about us, we were provided with complimentary mimosas, which was very nice.

Sangria $6


La Cerveceria serves pretty good sangria. The drink was refreshing, the wine taste was evident and it wasn’t overly sweet. Just how I like it! 

Bloody Mary $7


The bloody Mary was decent. It was flavorful and spicy. Matt would have liked more garnish as there was only one olive in the glasses.



Thumbs up to La Cerveceria for providing us with complementary mimosas. The mimosas were good and had a fair share of alcohol in the glass.

Chew on this:

Tacos de Huevos $12.95 / Two scrambled eggs & grilled shrimp, topped with fresh guacamole & pico de gallo; served with home fries


Matt loves the tacos at La Cerveceria, so he didn’t want to pass on them during brunch. The eggs were served at the bottom of the tortilla, with the flavorful pico de gallo and guacamole topping the taco. Everything in the taco made it an excellent brunch taco choice. The home fries were tasty, but they could have been served a little warmer. 

Green Eggs and Ham $12.95 / Three eggs scrambled with baby spinach & arugula pesto, topped with bacon, served with Challah toast & home fries


My brunch dish was mediocre at best. It wasn’t awful, but I would say it was one of my least favorite dishes that I’ve eaten at this restaurant. There were a couple of ham strips mixed with the green eggs. There was no spinach, and there wasn’t a pesto flavor at all. Instead of home fries, I asked if I could have salad. The dressing was oil based and it was just too much for me. I liked the bread and thought it had simple sweet taste. 

Goat Cheesecake $8


We only ordered dessert since it came with the Living Social deal. The waiter said the goat cheesecake is their most popular dessert. Although Matt and I aren’t huge fans of goat cheese, nothing else really caught our eye, and since it was highly recommended, we decided to go with it. Luckily the taste of goat cheese wasn’t too prominent and we actually enjoyed the dish a lot. The cheesecake was pretty smooth and melted in our mouths. 

The final bite: I definitely think La Cerveceria is a five-star dinner, but the green eggs and ham didn’t match the quality of the food that I’m used to eating here. Since I’ve been to La Cerveceria a couple of times, I do believe they have good food and excellent drinks, so I would recommend this place.

Reviewed by: Victoria


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