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Place: Lime Jungle

Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen, 741 Ninth Ave. (on the corner of 51st St.)

Mimosa Rating:

Inside Lime Jungle

The scoop: Lime Jungle serves casual Mexican fare at two locations in Hell’s Kitchen. We arrived at the newer restaurant, which is much larger than the original on 53rd and 9th, around 2:15 on a Saturday afternoon. We were very hungry, so I was pleased to see that the restaurant wasn’t crowded, and we wouldn’t have to wait for a table.

Salsa bar

The decor is sunny and fun. The walls are painted bright colors, and there is a big mural on one wall. Portions of the wall were also made of exposed brick — always a favorite of mine. There are different sized tables — good for small parties or large groups — and the tabletops reminded me of a cutting board. Spanish music played in the background as we sipped brunch cocktails. Lemons and limes were scattered on top of the bar counter. Lime Jungle offers a salsa bar with six different kinds of salsa, however, there was no indication of what is what, which I thought was weird. Also, we were never offered chips. What’s the point of a salsa bar without chips?

Service was decent. The waitress stressed numerous times that the drink deal ended at 4 — almost to a point of annoyance.

Jungle Morning

Bottoms up: Lime Jungle offers an all-you-can-drink brunch deal for two hours. Pay an extra $15 for as many as mimosas, screwdrivers, sangria, champagne, lime margaritas, mojitos and Jungle Morning, their signature cocktail which was similar to Tequila Sunrise, as you want. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a one-drink option. Mimosa refills were poured from a pitcher, but all other drinks were made to order.

Jungle Morning

If you don’t like tequila, don’t order this drink. While it goes down smoothly, it does have a strong tequila taste. I didn’t like it because I’m not a big fan of tequila, but David didn’t find the taste to be overwhelming.

White and red sangria

White and red sangria

David wasn’t crazy about either sangria, but I enjoyed both, which were strong. The white had hints of banana, and the red was warm and tasty. Both types of sangria included a lot of fruit pieces.

Chew on this:

Omelet / Mixed peppers, mushroom, spinach and Pepper Jack cheese. Served with refried beans and home fries.


I went with this omelet dish because I wanted something simple. Eggs are always a good choice when looking for that. There wasn’t anything too special about the omelet. It was pretty standard and included equal amounts of all the ingredients. I could have done without the potatoes. They lacked flavor. They’d be better off offering a salad with this dish instead of the potatoes. I didn’t get a choice for the type of bread for my toast — white bread or no bread. Even though the menu said my meal came with refried beans, it actually came with black beans. This was totally fine with me since I don’t really like refried beans. However, I was not fine when I found a hair in my beans about three quarters of the way through brunch. I had already eaten most of the dish, and you could imagine my reaction to this discovery. I felt gross and sick to my stomach. Naturally, we didn’t pay for the meal, and the server was apologetic and didn’t argue about our refusal to pay for the dish. In fact, she asked us if we wanted anything more “on the house.” Funny, huh? Who would want more food after finding a hair in their dish?! I will add that Lime Jungle received an ‘A’ inspection grade from the Department of Health, so I’m not sure what was going on the day we brunched at the restaurant. For other customers’ sakes, I’m hoping this is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. Nasty nonetheless.

Hard boiled egg burrito / Rice, hard boiled eggs, Monterrey Jack cheese, jalapenos and onions topped with Juagillo sauce. Served with home fries.

Hard boiled egg burrito

I ordered this because I had never had a hard boiled egg burrito before. In fact, I had never even heard of one. The burrito was stuffed with mainly rice.¬†Unfortunately, the eggs weren’t distributed evenly. One half of the burrito had more eggs than the other. The potatoes were extremely bland. They had no flavor whatsoever. I did enjoy the salad, which came with a creamy dressing. One thing’s for sure about this dish — you get A LOT of food. I couldn’t finish it (not that I wanted to after Stephanie found the hair).

Outside Lime Jungle

The final bite: A hair in your dish is unacceptable at all times. The food at Lime Jungle wasn’t bad, and I would have given it a higher rating B.H. (before hair), but definitely eat at your own risk. Unless you’re willing to take a chance, I’d suggest you find a better brunch option in the area.

Reviewed by: Stephanie


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