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 Place: Nook

Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen, 746 9th Ave. (between 50th and 51st St.)

Mimosa Rating:

The scoop: The name of this place best describes itself, because it is as tiny as a nook, but it also has cozy and homey feeling. The server had to pull the table out to let us in. This restaurant holds about 15 people, so it definitely has that downtown West Village feeling. Keep in mind you are very close to your neighbors. The server adds to the ambiance of this place. He is quite a character and had a great attitude for a busy brunch morning.

Dinning room

The décor is pretty plain – red walls, which you can see in the photos; minimal artwork/painting s on the wall and you can also see the tiny kitchen from the dining area. There is also a chalk board outside allowing patrons to know the menu items. The focus is clearly on food presentation. The chef made every meal look exquisite.  We also did not feel rushed through our meal or to exit the venue. I would recommend reservations, but they do not accept them for brunch. There is a sidewalk bench in front of Nook if you have to wait.

Bread basket with menu

**This is a cash only restaurant, ATM’s are near by.

Bottoms up: This is a BYOB restaurant, which is a BIG plus!! It was quite a treat to be able to bring our own champagne and OJ to mix drinks how and when we desired. With my brother and his friends making a trip down to NYC, they were looking to get a little tipsy during brunch.


Croque Monsieur

Chew on this:

Croque Monsieur $11 /Grilled sandwich with ham and melted cheddar cheese served with on a toast with rosemary fries and mixed greens

The rosemary fried were delicious! Everyone at the table enjoyed them. The croquet was made from the delicious fresh bread that was served to us when we were sat. This was basically a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. I was under the impression that this also had a fried egg on top, but was reminded after eating every bite that that is called a Croque Madame. Get this dish if you need a good hang over cure.

Potato pancakes

Potato Pancakes $9 / Served with your choice of smoked salmon and sour cream or smoked sausage and red peppers, scallions and tomato salsa

Nook Egg Scrambles $8.50 / Cream Cheese, smoked salmon, and scallions

Nook eggs scramble w/ salmon

Nook Egg Scrambles $8.50 / Bacon, chives, and tomatoes

Jeff enjoyed this meal, but added that it was pretty simple and did not wow him. It was delicious, but it’s something he probably could have made at home. **On that note, our neighbors ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict ($11), which looked amazing. I would recommend this dish over any of ours just based off of looks and the amount of people ordering this in the restaurant while we were there.

Nook eggs scramble w/ bacon

The final bite: BYOB is key, but don’t come here with a big appetite, as brunch entrees were on the small side.

Reviewed by: Erica


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    May 24, 2011

    B.Y.O.B. helps this place out and the friends around you can change the atmosphere. Recomend to bring your own OJ for mimosa’s.

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    February 9, 2014

    Really helpful! My brother and I are heading there today. Thanks!



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