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Place: Parlor Steakhouse

Neighborhood: Upper East Side, 1600 3rd Ave. (on the corner of 90th St.)

Mimosa Rating:

The scoop: I’ve heard great things about Parlor’s brunch. Since I hardly ever venture to the Upper East Side, I figured that my Saturday brunch with Kate and Rose would be a good chance to check it out. Kate lives close by and has always raved about their brunch, and their $25 prix-fixe with up to five drinks was certainly enticing. The Upper East Side seems to be lacking in brunches with good drink options, so I was excited to try Parlor.

Downstairs bar

Parlor has a very sleek ambiance, with seating available both upstairs and downstairs. It was pretty crowded, so I definitely recommend making reservations. We were seated downstairs, where they had a nice bar with a TV and a pretty display of different kinds of vodka. There was also a fireplace, and the walls were decorated with wine boxes. There were cute vases full of corks all over the restaurant. The service was great! Our server was very charming, and we really enjoyed chatting with him during our meal. Our food was out in no time, and the drink refills were quick as well.

Bottoms up: As part of the $25 prix-fixe brunch, you get up to five mimosas, bloody Marys or rose bellinis with your entrée. Let’s keep it real: I like drinking, especially day drinking. Initially, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that I’d take advantage of all five drinks, but Kate warned us that we probably wouldn’t make it past three. We were so busy chatting about what we’ve been up to and Rose’s upcoming destination wedding in the Dominican that we each only ended up with two drinks!

Mimosa and bellini


Kate gave us the heads up that Parlor makes a strong mimosa, and the mimosas today did not disappoint. Not only were they huge, but they definitely did not skimp on the champagne. Perfect mimosas!

Rose bellini

This wasn’t the sweet bellini that you might be used to during brunch, but I enjoyed it. It was crisp, and had a little bit of a bitter taste. It was so big that I ended up with a nice buzz after two of them. 

Chew on this:


“BLT” Frittata / Smoked bacon, spinach, tomato, aged cheddar cheese

This was one of the most flavorful frittatas I’ve ever had. Not only was it huge (we actually ended up splitting all the dishes between the three of us), but it was delicious. It was packed with spinach and bacon, and the tomatoes were spread throughout. It was cheesy, but not overly cheesy. Even though it was delish, we had a hard time finishing the whole thing!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict / Hand cut bacon, buttermilk biscuit, hollandaise

This eggs Benedict was served on a huge biscuit, which is something I’m not used to seeing on a brunch menu. The biscuit wasn’t dry or flaky, and it had a little bit of a pepper flavor to it. The eggs were poached perfectly, so the huge biscuit was a good way to soak up the egg. The bacon was nice and crispy, and the hollandaise sauce was very flavorful. 

French toast

Brioche French Toast / Caramelized apples, mascarpone cheese, vanilla maple syrup

This was a hearty serving of French toast, so it’s a good thing we each had a few bites! The brioche bread was not really soggy, but was not too dry, either. The apples were a nice touch, since the dish was on the sweet side. The mascarpone cheese was drizzled on the plate around the French toast and had a taste that was similar to cream cheese. The syrup was served on the side. It was sweet, but it didn’t have too much of a vanilla flavor to it. 

Outside of Parlor

The final bite: Parlor Steakhouse serves up a tasty brunch with strong drinks and a great prix-fixe deal. If you’re looking for an awesome brunch on the Upper East Side, check out Parlor!

Reviewed by: Jen

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