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Map PeraPlace: Pera Soho

Neighborhood: Soho, 54 Thompson St (between Spring St & Broome St)

Mimosa Rating:

3 mimosas

The scoop: It was a beautiful Saturday so we wanted a nice outdoors brunch. Pera Soho has a pretty cool rooftop so we decided to check it out. As you walk towards the restaurant, you notice the large outdoor patio to your right. I asked the hostess if we could brunch on the roof and it wasn’t a problem so we were escorted inside towards the elevator.


Buffet… I’ll pass

The inside of the restaurant was trendy. There was a large party celebrating an event at one side of the restaurant. After taking the elevator to the rooftop, we sat at one of the tables. The table wasn’t  too comfortable, but it was quiet and a rooftop brunch seemed like a good idea. When we asked the waiter for menus, he told us we can’t order from the brunch menu, and there is an unlimited buffet for $29 per person on the roof. We decided to skip that option as the food wrapped in plastic wrap didn’t seem ideal or worth the $29.

Comfy patio

Comfy patio

Back downstairs we went and were seated in the comfortable patio area. It wasn’t too hot outside and there were large fans around to provide air. The cloth seats were comfortable so you don’t have to worry about the chair sticking to your legs on a hot day. It was a cool scene and there was a  DJ who played good music.

Our waiter was very nice, but service was a little slow. It took quite some time to receive our drinks, but our food came out in a timely fashion.

Bottoms up: 

Weekend sangria and Turkish apricot bellini

Weekend sangria and Turkish apricot bellini

The $21 prix-fixe brunch menu consists of one entrée and a brunch cocktail or fresh juice

Weekend sangria and Turkish apricot bellini

The restaurant only had red sangria, which was fine by me, but  I was disappointed as it was extremely sweet. If you prefer bold sangrias like I do, I wouldn’t recommend this drink. I wish I tried the bellini which Brittany enjoyed.

Chew on this:

Salad / Wild arugula, citrus & crispy chickpea salad w/ grilled atlantic salmon



After having so many heavy meals throughout the week, I knew I had to go with the salmon. Brittany ordered it as well. We were surprised that it came with a large piece of salmon. The salmon was juicy and a little on the rare side, which we didn’t mind. It was very tasty with the arugula. The salad consisted of chickpeas, radishes, and oranges. All the ingredients together created a tasty and light mixture. We were both pleased with our choice.

Chicken “adana” lavash twist / eastern Mediterranean spices, Italian parsley and garden tomatoes, oregano fries
Chicken "adana" lavash twist

Chicken “adana” lavash twist

Unfortunately, Marissa was not pleased with her wrap. Inside the wrap was a long piece of slightly spicy seasoned chicken cooked kebab style with tomatoes and parsley. The wrap was not filled so she was able to pull off half of the tortilla. I guess you can compare this to upscale street food and could probably get something better off of the cart. Fries were served with the dish and were nothing to write home about. A side salad would have been preferable as the wrap was really missing something.

 The final bite: 

Pera Soho

Pera Soho

I would recommend Pera Soho if you are looking to brunch al fresco. Even though some items were a hit and some were a miss, I think it’s worth a shot for brunch. If you want to play it safe, order the salmon.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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