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Place: PS 450

Neighborhood: Murray Hill, 450 Park Ave. South (between 30th and 31st St.)

Mimosa Rating: 

Front bar area

The scoop: PS 450 is a trendy bar and restaurant. We arrived a little before 1 p.m. on a Saturday, and it was packed with people in their early to mid 20s (two age categories that I am sadly no longer a part of) enjoying PS 450’s Endless Brunch. It seemed like the crowd that was brunching is their typical clientele for a Friday or Saturday night as well. There is a long bar to the right when you first walk in with two pretty big TVs behind it. Seating is available at the bar and at high top tables across from the bar. If you keep walking past the front bar, you will find a lounge-type area with more seating and a huge TV screen. I wouldn’t say this is a sports bar by any means, but it seems like the kind of place you could come and enjoy a game while you brunch.

There were a few big groups brunching in the lounge area. I also noticed later that there was a back room with booths, and they seemed to be hosting a private party back there. We did not make reservations, but we were able to snag two seats at the bar and bypass the wait for a table. We were served by the bartender the whole time, and the food and drink service was fairly quick. The crowd died down around 2:30ish, but we ended up staying until about 3:30.


Bottoms up: PS 450 has a great drink special. Their $25 Endless Brunch will get you something off of the brunch favorites or over-the-top French toast list with unlimited mimosas, bellinis or bloody Marys during your meal. Since we were seated at the bar, we saw them making drinks all afternoon, and I can tell you that they do not skimp on the alcohol! New bottles of J. Roget champagne were being popped every three minutes or so, and drinks were being poured constantly. My friend Jess and I both drank bellinis with our brunch. The bellini had a nice peach taste, but it was not overly sweet and did not have the weird aftertaste that you can get with bellinis sometimes. The bartender was very attentive, so we never waited very long for a drink. Also, I noticed that they were pouring carafes of drinks for the tables. We ended up with five drinks each while we were there. PS 450 promises unlimited drinks, and you definitely get that!

Chew on this:

Breakfast sliders

Breakfast sliders / Eggs and cheese on slider rolls served with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage and home fries or salad

Jess and I ended up splitting these sliders and the French toast. We received four sliders with a generous amount of home fries, so this is a good option if you are splitting a dish with someone. We opted to get bacon on the sliders. The sliders were yummy but could have used a little more cheese. There was a generous amount of bacon on each slider, but I personally would have preferred the bacon to be cooked just a little bit more because I love crispy bacon. The size of each slider was perfect because it was really not too big or not too small. The home fries were very tasty. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The seasoning added a good flavor, but there was way too much salt on them. 

S'mores French toast

S’mores French toast / Melted chocolate, fluffernutter, cinnamon and sugar

I don’t usually order French toast when I brunch, but when I saw how big and delicious the French toast menu looked, I knew we had to try some. If you order the Endless Brunch you get two pieces as opposed to one, so this is another great option if you are splitting dishes. The French toast was huge! It was so thick. The presentation of the plate was also beautiful. The ends of the toast were a little burnt, though, and the inside was just a little dry. It was pretty sweet, so I recommend this dish for someone who likes sweets. I probably didn’t need to add syrup, but only did because the of the dryness. I love Fluff, so the fluffernutter was a nice addition to the dish. This was a super filling French toast dish. Neither of us finished our pieces, but that’s only because we were so full. 

Outside of PS 450

The final bite: My initial reason for coming here was for the unlimited drinks. I didn’t have high expectations for the food, but I was definitely proven wrong! PS 450 has a surprisingly good brunch menu, and they do all-you-can-drink the right way. Cheers!

Reviewed by: Jen


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