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rye_mapPlace: Rye

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 247 S. 1st St. (between Roebling St .& Havemeyer St.)

Mimosa Rating: 

3 mimosas

The scoop:
Rye has your typical South Williamsburg chill, laid-back atmosphere. The mood is set by the dark wood and vintage bar setting, complete with tile floor, giving it an old pub feel. There is a large bar in the main (and only) dining area. There are decent amounts of seating options, and Rye is willing to accommodate a group. I made reservations, but I don’t think it was very necessary, as the restaurant was not terribly crowded.


Chew on this:

Rye’s Meatloaf Sandwich $16 / Duck, veal, pork, short rib, mushroom and crispy buttermilk onion


I am not quite sure what I was expecting this dish to look like, but I was quite overwhelmed when it arrived! It was HUGE and difficult to actually eat because the bread was too toasted. The crispy onions (actually onion rings) were gorging out of the sandwich. I ended up eating the meatloaf separately. The meatloaf was amazing — very different from any combination of meatloaf I have ever had. You could taste the distinct meats. The flavor was delicious, without all of the unnecessary bread, onion rings and sauce (not mentioned on menu). I wanted to love this dish more than I actually did. I would recommend just going for the meatloaf dish if meatloaf is what you’re craving.

Rye Benedict $10 / Grilled pork belly, hollandaise, buttermilk biscuit


This was a great dish. The pork was cooked nicely, although the amount of pork is minimal. The hollandaise sauce was what you would expect. I loved the homemade biscuit. Pretty inexpensive for a Benedict dish. 

Special Omelette $12 / Seasonal filling, mixed greens, sourdough toast

Rye Brooklyn (5)

The seasonal fillings for the omelette were very appropriate for the wintery weather outside. The omelette was cooked just right. The mixed greens and toast on the side slightly added to the dish.

BLT/BLAT $12 / Choice of salad or fries


This was an excellent sandwich. We opted for the BLAT – bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato. What a fantastic combo. It was so refreshing and fresh tasting. I loved the avocado!! They also didn’t skimp out on the bacon.  Although the same bread was used for the meatloaf sandwich, it worked better with the BLAT combination. The side salad was a nice touch.

The final bite: Overall, Rye has a fantastic and extensive menu, mostly centered on meatloaf and other popular comfort foods. Searching pictures of the food at Rye will have your mouth watering. Needless to say, this is a pretty good spot for brunch, but be sure to research what you want before you arrive as there are a lot of tasty options and a few letdowns. Rye can also accommodate a group.


Reviewed by: Erica

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