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sagaponack_mapPlace: Sagaponack 

Location: Flatiron, 4 W. 22nd St. (between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.)

Mimosa Rating:

3 1/2 mimosas

The scoop: Summer exists all year around at Sagaponack! We had a reservation for five after visiting nearby Kleinfeld for a wedding dress fitting for Stephanie’s sister.


The name of the Flatiron restaurant is very apropos as the exterior and interior decor — from the dining area to the bathroom — has a beach theme. Sagaponack is actually the name of a village in Southampton, N.Y. The menu that hangs in the window has starfish stuck on it. Seashells and lanterns are strewn throughout the inside of the restaurant while soothing colors of blue and green surround you. Pictures of the ocean hang on the walls. There was even a small replica sailboat behind our table! The chairs backs and seats are made from wicker. Everything about Sagaponack screams the Hamptons. It’s the perfect spot to get your summer fix during winter and early spring when the temperatures are still chilly!


There is a long bar at the front of the restaurant and a staircase that leads you to the second floor in the middle. The top floor is ideal for private parties as it can accommodate up to 45 guests. There was a baby shower taking place on the second level when we were brunching.


Bottoms up:

East End Sunrise $5.95

When the waiter brought our the East End Sunrise to our table, we all agreed that this drink was very pretty. The colors of the drink appeared separated in the glass; the orange juice on top and raspberry on the bottom. Before we drank, we mixed the two juices, and the raspberry flavor was more prominent. 


Bellini $5.95

The bellini was another great drink. The bellini wasn’t as sweet as the East End Sunrise. The slight taste of peach had a good flavor without being too overwhelming. 

Chew on this:

Basket of muffins / Complimentary


We received a basket of complimentary mini muffins — corn and banana — and mini scones — chocolate chip — to begin our brunch. The muffins were soft, and the scones were flaky. They were the perfect size! We ate them up pretty quickly. What a nice treat.   

Almond crusted french toast $12.95 / Brown sugar flambé, fresh whipped cream, bananas and strawberries


Since we were both craving something sweet and salty, we split the French toast and an egg dish. The French toast was served with three slices of bread, which was a perfect portion for each of us. We weren’t overly stuffed, but we felt satisfied. The crust of the bread was a tad crunchy and the middle was cooked as it should be — soft with no sogginess. With a touch of syrup and the mixture of nuts and fresh fruit, this French toast fulfilled our craving. We did notice there was no whipped cream, but the dish was sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Smoked salmon omelet $13.95 / Scallion, tomatoes and onions; with hashed potatoes


Our second dish was the the smoked salmon omelet. The salmon omelet was pretty good and included large pieces of salmon. The potatoes were tasty and had good flavor. They weren’t too greasy which is always a plus. We didn’t know toast came with the omelet. When we asked if we could have wheat bread instead of white, which was what we were served originally, he gave us wheat as well.

Classic Eggs Benedict $12.95 / Poached eggs, Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce; with hashed potatoes


Black Forest Ham Omelet $10.95/ Swiss cheese, onions, peppers and tomato; with hashed potatoes (add $2 for egg whites)


The final bite: If you can’t wait for summer, head to brunch at Sagaponack. Not only will you have solid food and drinks, but the beach atmosphere is relaxing.


Reviewed by: Stephanie and Victoria

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