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Señorita Margarita’s Maracas

By on June 20, 2011

 Place: Señorita Margarita’s Maracas

Neighborhood: West Village, 33 Greenwich Ave.

Mimosa Rating:

Strawberry Margarita (on the rocks)

Strawberry margarita (on the rocks)

The scoop: Even though this restaurant is large in size, brunch at Maracas was very stuffy and uncomfortable. We came as a large group of eight people to celebrate Marissa’s graduation. You would think a large group should have enough space to enjoy each other’s company. Not here! First off, they sat us close to the window, very close in proximity to five other tables that were taken. Talk about uncomfortable and stuffy on a wet, frizzy hair-day Saturday! Meanwhile the other 3/4ths of the restaurant was empty. Why wouldn’t they accommodate us when we asked to move to an empty spot of the restaurant? Because they want a passerby to look into their restaurant and say, “Wow, what a happening spot. Maybe we should have brunch here.” On top of it being crammed, the music was extremely loud and it was almost impossible to have a conversation with a person two seats away.

Bottoms up:


Strawberry margarita (frozen)

Unfortunately, Maracas does not serve coffee and they ran out of bloody Marys. For $10 they offer a 90-minute, all-you-can-drink special which consists of unlimited traditional lime and strawberry margaritas, mimosas and bloody Marys. I drank all I can drink for about 20 seconds. I stuck to water after tasting the nastiness of all of the drinks. The margaritas were extremely sweet, topped with a taste of medicine, and the mimosas tasted like pure OJ. My friends who drank said they didn’t have a buzz after all the drinks they consumed.

Chips and salsa

Chew on this:

The brunch menu was very limited and they don’t make egg-white substitutions. Kathy asked if she can order something off of the regular menu and the waiter said no. Apparently, it is difficult to serve a taco at a Mexican restaurant.

Chips and salsa / Complimentary

The salsa was watery and sweet..

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict $10.95 / English muffins with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise

The eggs Benedict was standard. This is definitely something you could have made at home. The best part of the dish was the seasoned mashed potatoes which had a good consistency and a nice spice.

Steak and eggs

Steak and eggs $13.95 / Two eggs prepared any style with grilled marinated carne asado steak

The steak was very chewy and difficult to eat. Although the menu said the dish comes with two eggs, it was served with three. I guess this was supposed to make up for the bad piece of meat.

Egg, bacon, cheese quesadilla

Egg, bacon, cheese quesadilla
 $9.95 / Scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with salsa fresca and sour cream

The quesadilla was not oozing with cheese like one would expect. My friend broke open her quesadilla and the cheese was squashed in little specks. This quesadilla was not fresh and it looked like it was prepared in the microwave.

Grilled chicken sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich $10.95 / With smoked bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and fajita seasoned fries

Just another standard dish that could have been made at home. Talk about a dry sandwich! The only tasty part of this dish were the seasoned fries and mayo sauce.


La Senorita’s secret recipe sizzling fajitas $14.95 / Achiote marinated chicken, skirt steak or veggies over sauteed onions and peppers with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and tortillas

Luckily, I ordered the best meal on the menu. The chicken had a decent taste and the combination of the chicken, onions and peppers made for an average fajita. The pico de gallo did not taste like much and the guacamole was inedible with a slimy texture.

The final bite: Keep walking and do not look back. There are many other options in the West Village.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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