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Place: Spitzer’s Corner

Neighborhood: Lower East Side, 101 Rivington St. (between Essex St. & Ludlow St.)

Mimosa Rating:

Beer list on wall

The scoop: I love the atmosphere at Spitzer’s Corner, and it used to be one of my favorite places to hang out at night. This gastropub is spacious with ample seating in the front and back. We were a group of five, and we were seated right away, even though all the members of our party weren’t present. The wooden tables are communal, but you don’t feel cramped. The waitress came to our table at the right moments when we were ready to order our beers and then again for our meals.


Spitzer’s has a lot of bottled beer and 40 on tap. The waitress seemed knowledgeable of the extensive beer list — definitely a plus when you have many options.

Bottoms up:

Avery Joes’s American Pilsner $6 / (CO) “Ain’t your grandpa’s pils,” light citrus, dry hops, instant classic

Avery Joe's and Speakeasy

This beer was light tasting. If you aren’t into strong tasting beers, I would recommend ordering this one.

Speakeasy Prohibition $7 / (CA) Amber ale, sweet grapefruit, caramel malts, lush hops, nice finish

This is one of the beers that the waitress recommended and it was pretty flavorful. My friend liked the taste, but thought it was a little too heavy for an afternoon beer.

Chelsea Blackberry Wheat

Chelsea Blackberry Wheat $6 / (NY) Light bodied, mild sweetness and tartness, slight hops

I am a huge fan of wheat beer, so I was automatically drawn to this one since I never tried it. It was delicious and a good choice for a light afternoon drink. There was a slight taste of sweetness after each sip.

Hand-cut fries

Chew on this:

Hand-cut fries $5 / Housemade, cut fresh daily

The fries were fresh, and the subtle spice made them delicious. I definitely recommend ordering the fries, and you probably won’t need to add much ketchup because they taste pretty good. 

Hickory burger

Hickory burger $10 / Hickory sauce, lettuce, bbq onions, pickle, toasted brioche bun (Add cheddar $1, egg $1, bacon $2)

Kathy ordered the burger, and she was not impressed with the presentation. The burger tasted good, but it was pretty standard and did not wow her.

Fresh avocado omelet

Fresh avocado omelet $12 / Sliced avocado, green tomato sauce, pico de gallo, crispy tortilla strips, home fries and salad

By the description on the menu, I thought this omelet would be tasty. Unfortunately, the egg was topped with a flavorless green sauce, and the pico de gallo was scarce. The pico de gallo tasted good, and I wish there was more on the omelet. Also, the fried tortilla strips didn’t taste like much, and since there was so much on the omelet, it added to the blandness. The avocado was good, and I had to move some of it over to my salad since the salad was only lettuce.  The home fries were fresh but could have used more flavor as well.

Fried white catfish

Fried white catfish $10 / Cucumber, parsnip, arugula, fresh-made tartar sauce

Akeela thought her catfish sandwich was all right. She felt the sandwich tasted a little plain and was surprised that the fish was white and not brown after being fried. 

Lamb burger

Lamb burger $16 / Tomato, onion, coriander leaf, mint, pomegranate seeds, mango powder, toasted brioche bun (Add goat cheese mousse $2)

Two of my friends ordered this burger. The burger tasted good, but Jen felt it could have had more flavor. Even though her burger had blue cheese, she had to use ketchup to give it a little something extra. Sue liked the coleslaw because there wasn’t too much mayo in it. 

Spitzer's Corner

The final bite: With such a comfortable atmosphere and extensive beer menu, I wish the food could be perfected to make this a can’t-miss brunch spot. Unfortunately, the food did not stand out, so I would only suggest coming here for a couple of beers.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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    November 21, 2011

    This is one of my favorite places to go in the city!



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