By on August 24, 2011

Place: Stand4

Neighborhood: Union Square, 24 E. 12th St. (off of University Place)

Mimosa Rating: 

Outside Stand4

The scoop: Something about this place reminds me of a school cafeteria. Maybe it’s the square shape of the restaurant, with the large back area completely open which exposes the kitchen area. The tables are large and spaced out enough to provide a comfortable eating experience. There was no wait for our party of four at 1 p.m. on a Sunday, although almost every table was filled. The service was interesting, to say the least. We’ll get into the specific details with the drink service, but the four of us were less than happy overall. You could tell the other patrons were pretty unhappy with the service as well. Stand4 seemed to be understaffed. Our server was very nice and apologetic about the situation. We certainly sympathized with him, but the bizarre service certainly made our meals less enjoyable.

Red and rosé sangria

Bottoms up: We don’t even know where to begin. Our friend purchased a brunch special through Gilt City. This special was $15 for one entrée and unlimited brunch cocktails (bloody Marys, sangria or margaritas). The bloody Mary tasted like pure tomato juice; Chris added pepper to his drink just to add flavor. They also forgot the bloody Mary during the first round of drinks, so Chris didn’t get his drink until 10-15 minutes after we got ours. The ladies ordered red and rosé (which was really more like a white) sangria. The sangria didn’t taste like sangria. It didn’t taste awful, but it was more of a juice with a couple of fruit slices thrown on top. Service was extremely slow, and we only managed to have two drinks each because apparently the bartender walked out on her shift. We ordered our second round of drinks when Chris finally got his bloody Mary. The second round of drinks was never coming, so we had to ask again. By the time our second round came out (at least 25-30 minutes after we asked), we were already done with our meals and were told that they ran out of bloody Marys and white sangria, so we all ended up with red sangria.

Chew on this:

Bacon cheddar burger

Bacon cheddar burger  $11 / Bacon, cheddar

I was hoping to get the Kobe burger, but it wasn’t part of their brunch special, so I settled for this. I ordered the burger medium rare and was happy to see that it was cooked just the way I wanted it. It was nice and juicy when I bit in, with a red center.  The burger was a good size, and the bacon on top was plentiful and crispy. The white cheddar cheese was melted well. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the bun, but I didn’t feel that it affected the burger one way or the other. I was happy with my burger, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here and have it again. It also came with a fried pickle, which I did not eat. 

Stand burger

Stand burger $10 / Lettuce, tomato

I am a fan of plain burgers, so I decided to order a basic burger with lettuce and tomato. My burger was juicy and cooked to my liking. My only complaint was the overly greasy hamburger bun.

Turkey burger

Turkey burger $10 / Lettuce, tomato, béarnaise, onion marmalade

The turkey burger is definitely a delicious  and satisfying option if you are craving a non-beef burger.

Grilled chicken sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich $11 / Lettuce, tomato, red onions, basil mayo

The chicken sandwich was HUGE with tons of chicken. This is probably your best bet if don’t want to order one of Stand’s burgers.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries

Sides were not part of the Gilt City deal, so we had to order them separately. The fries were fresh and tasty, but there was way too much salt on them. They also came out with a side of honey mustard. These fries were actually given to us free of charge because of the slow service.

The final bite: I have been to Stand4 numerous times, and I only recommend it for lunch or dinner. The menu lacks breakfast options, and the brunch drinks are below par. The service, particularly with the drinks, was less than stellar. We would definitely come back for a burger and beer, but you won’t see us brunching here again.

Reviewed by: Jen and Victoria

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