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Place: Sweet Revenge

Neighborhood: West Village, 62 Carmine St. (near the intersection of Carmine and Bedford)

Mimosa Rating:

Inside of Sweet Revenge

The scoop: If there’s one thing I love as much as brunch, it’s cupcakes. When I heard about Sweet Revenge, I knew I had to try this beer, wine and cupcake bar. Not only has it been getting great reviews, but they also have brunch on the weekends! Any place where I can get my brunch and cupcake fix in one place sounds good to me.

I came here around noon on a Sunday and was a little surprised at how small it was. They were doing a photo shoot right outside (which I later found out was for their apparel line), so one of the tables was taken up by the photography equipment. The other table was occupied by a group of six. There were about six seats at the counter, so I took a seat there. Since the space inside is kind of limited, I wouldn’t recommend it for big groups, but it was perfect for a solo brunch. The waitress/bartender was the only one serving the customers, but she was really attentive, and everything that I ordered was brought out quickly.

Bottoms up: Trying to figure out what to drink with your cupcake? Sweet Revenge has done all the work and given you a list of which beers and wines to pair with your cupcakes! The list is pretty extensive. Luckily, the drink I was leaning toward was paired with the cupcake that I wanted.

Raspberry bellini

Raspberry bellini $10

This was the recommended drink for the Crimson & Cream cupcake that I got for dessert, so I ended up saving most of the bellini until I was ready to eat my cupcake. It was sweet, but not overly sweet, and there were plenty of bubbles in it. It was the perfect complement for the cupcake. However, be warned that they do not put drink prices on the menu, and now I know why. When I got the receipt, I was shocked to see that the bellini was $10! While I think that it was delicious bellini, it was too overpriced for me. 

Chew on this:

Tuscan quiche $10.95 / Ham, roasted red peppers, caramelized shallots & parmesan. Served with fresh fruit & mesclun greens with cranberries & chipotle pumpkin seeds

Tuscan quiche

The quiches are pre-made and featured in the cupcake display, so my food was out in no time. It was warmed perfectly and was not too hot. I was a little hesitant to order it because I am not the biggest fan of red peppers, but the pepper flavor was not overwhelming. The ham was cut up into small pieces, which made it easy to eat. I enjoyed the quiche but found it to be on the oily side. It did not come with fresh fruit as stated on the menu, but there was plenty of salad. The salad had a slightly sweet dressing on it that I really liked. It went well with the dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. I was very happy with my meal. 

Crimson & Cream cupcake $3.50Raspberry red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Crimson & Cream cupcake

Sweet Revenge had six cupcakes available during my brunch: their signature cupcakes (Sweet Revenge, Pure, Dirty and Crimson & Cream), as well as two special cupcakes, the Carnivale and German Colada. The Carnivale was tempting because it was filled with spiced apples and seemed like a good fall cupcake, but I’m a sucker for red velvet.  My cupcake was brought to me promptly when I finished my quiche. I was so happy to see that it was on the bigger size. It made me feel a lot better about paying $3.50 for it, as opposed to the $3.50 I spent on a small and disappointing red velvet from Magnolia the day before. I asked for a knife when it was brought out since all my utensils were gone. I recommend cutting the cupcake into halves or quarters to make it easier to eat. It was frosted beautifully, drizzled with a raspberry glaze and dusted with cinnamon. The frosting was awesome! It had the perfect cream cheese flavor, and the cinnamon gave it a little something extra. The cake itself was not overly moist, but not too dry, either. I really liked the raspberries at the bottom of the cupcake. I highly recommend the Crimson & Cream and look forward to trying more of their cupcakes.

Outside of Sweet Revenge

The final bite: If you love brunch, booze and cupcakes, make a trip to Sweet Revenge. My one issue with the brunch was the price, as this whole brunch ended up costing me more than $30. But it’s a really cute concept and so different from other brunch spots in New York, so give it a try if you’re craving something sweet.

Reviewed by: Jen

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