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Place: The Heights Bar & Grill

Neighborhood: Morningside Heights, 2867 Broadway (between 111th & 112th St.)

Mimosa Rating:

The scoop:
Walk up a flight of stairs and you will find yourself in a college bar atmosphere. I automatically asked to be seated by the windows. Sitting by the windows allowed me to escape the bar vibe and provided a comfortable eating experience. The wait staff was very friendly.

Frozen mango margarita

Bottoms up: My favorite part of brunch (besides hanging with my fab friends, Michelle and Jennifer) was the $3 margarita special. The mango margaritas were yummy. I ordered a raspberry margarita for our second round, and it tasted like medicine. I asked the waiter to switch it to mango and he didn’t give me a problem at all.

Chew on this:

The Heights 8 oz’er Burger $8.95 / Including one topping: Cheddar, jack, American, bacon, jalapenos or mushroom. Served w/ fries or salad, raw onion & tomato, too! (Each extra topping add $1, guac is $2)

Heights burger

The menu had a variety of food items from burritos to steak and salmon. We all decided to go with the burger. My friend and I wanted our burgers cooked medium, but they came out well. I didn’t ask the waiter to take it back because I was starving. I’ve had better burgers, and I’ve had worse. It’s your typical bar burger with a fresh side salad.

The final bite: If you don’t mind brunching a college bar, the friendly waiters, inexpensive drinks and extensive menu makes The Heights a good place to enjoy brunch with your friends.

Reviewed by: Victoria


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    I loved this review and the website is fantastic! It’s creative, clean, crisp and just delightful. I love it. I will return to it and it is going on my “Favorites”.

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    Idylia, thanks for being a fan! Visit us often and feel free to share our website!

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    Idylia, thanks for being a fan! Visit us often and feel free to share our website!



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