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Place: The Standard Grill

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District, 848 Washington St. (at 13th St.)

Mimosa Rating: 

Dining area

The scoop:
Outside!! There are endless tables both inside and out and even if you are inside, you’re really not. There are several large open floor to ceiling windows and doors that create a nice vibe. I think this place has one of the largest areas of outdoor seating in the city. You get the feeling that you do not need to be rushed here, so somewhat European. You could lounge here all day sipping coffee, brunch drinks, and continue sampling the array of dishes and desserts. It’s not too sceney, as there was a variety of people dining. With that said, do not come here if you are in a rush. Service was incredibly slow and it took much longer then the quoted time to get seated due to other people just lounging after their meals.

Outside patio

You can make reservations, which I would recommend.

Bottoms up:

High Line Fling

We each started off with simple drinks, a beer and champagne. There were several different types of Bloody Marys and cocktails though with fun names. We made the unanimous decision mid-brunch to try out the High Line Fling, which is the Standard’s spike punch (champagne, orange liquor, grapefruit and lavender sprinkled on top). To top it off it was served in a GIANT punch bowl. The server was surprised just the two of us ordered it and commented that it normally serves a party of four to six, which seems like an excellent idea for groups!

Chew on this:


Omelet with buttered toast and herb roasted potatoes $15

You have the option of 2 things to add to your omelet and Nate chose Swiss cheese and peppers. The choices were quite limiting, as there were only 5 and no meats. The omelet was delicious and had a nice smooth outside, so not too overcooked. The portions of the food were pretty standard. Jam or butter was not provided for the toast. Overall, there was nothing incredible about the meal.

Belgian waffles

Raised Belgian waffles with Vermont maple syrup $13

This was your standard Eggo-style waffle. Although, the size was large and there were 2 waffles, this seemed like a dish that I could have made at home, so I was not impressed. The waffles were very light. The syrup was delicious, but nothing amazing.

The final bite: If time isn’t of the essence and you are not bothered by slow service, enjoy the perks of dining at the Standard Grill – a large outside dining area. I would also recommend trying other dishes or going straight for the desserts and drinks! I would go back.

Reviewed by: Erica

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