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Place: Toast

Neighborhood: Montclair, N.J., 700 Bloomfield Ave.

Mimosa Rating:

The scoop: It was the Monday after Christmas, and brunch was on our minds. Once I saw the menu for Toast, I knew I had to brunch there. As soon as we walked into Toast, the hostess rudely said to us and another group “in or out” and we were taken aback because we literally just entered the door. Although the hostess said it would take 45 minutes to be seated, I was willing to endure the wait.


I had a good view of the restaurant as I waited in the back near the “bar” area. I put quotations around bar because they don’t serve alcohol. The waitstaff wore cute “peace love pancakes” shirts and busily walked around the restaurant. The downstairs area seemed chaotic from the tables being close to each other, people coming in and out of the restaurant, and hungry brunchers waiting by the bar. The stairs leading to the second floor reminded me of a staircase in a house.


Luckily, our wait was only 30 minutes, and the hostess escorted us to the second floor. I was glad because upstairs wasn’t crazy at all, and it had a relaxed vibe. The second floor is perfect for larger groups. Our waitress was friendly, but I have to note that Matt’s entrée was served a couple of minutes after mine.

Grapefruit juice and lemonade

Bottoms up: Toast does not serve alcohol, but it is BYOB so I suggest coming with your own bottle if you are looking for mimosas.

Grapefruit juice $4

The grapefruit juice had a slight bitter taste and pulp. I am not a huge fan of grapefruit, but Matt liked his drink. 

Lemonade $2

I enjoyed the lemony taste and slight sweetness of this lemonade. I would definitely order it again.

Banana Foster French Toast

Banana Foster French Toast $10.95 / Traditional Challah French toast topped with classic Banana Foster sauce, chopped pecans on the side

I love bananas, pecans and French toast, so I automatically knew I had to order this dish. The bread was thick and moist, and I liked that the banana foster and pecans were served on the side. The toast was so delicious; it didn’t need to be drowned in the banana foster. This dish was very flavorful from the bananas, the slight taste of cinnamon in the banana foster and the pecans. As full as I was, I made sure I didn’t leave anything on my plate.  

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Smoked Salmon Benedict $10.25

The salmon was very smooth and had a fresh taste. With perfectly poached eggs and the delicious hollandaise sauce, Matt enjoyed every bite of his Smoked Salmon Benedict. The breakfast potatoes served with this dish were flavorful and plentiful. 

Turkey sausage and pork sausage

Turkey sausage $3.25; Pork sausage $2

We wanted some meat with our food, so we ordered sausages as our sides. Both tasted good, were perfectly cooked and completed our main dishes.

Outside Toast

The finale bite: Toast offers many dishes that will satisfy any brunch lover’s craving. I definitely want to come back and try their special red velvet pancakes.

Reviewed by: Victoria

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