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Place: Yerba Buena Perry

Neighborhood: West Village, One Perry St. (corner of Perry and Greenwich Ave)

Mimosa Rating: 

The scoop: If you’re on the corner of Perry and Greenwich and in front of a restaurant with no name, no address and a small black awning with a green leaf on it, you’re in the right place! Once you walk in, you’ll find a decent size restaurant with black and white tile floors and a little bit of a Cuban vibe. This location is much easier to make reservations at than Yerba Buena on Avenue A. It’s definitely great for big groups. We had seven in our group and were seated comfortably in the back. There was a large party of about 20 in the middle of the restaurant, and a group of about eight for a bachelor party seated across from us (so, I guess guys DO brunch!)

Pisco Guajava 

Cava sangria

Red sangria

Bottoms up: For $12, you can add an hour of unlimited drinks to your meal. They definitely time you on this, which was a little bit of a surprise since some restaurants are much more lenient. We each ended up with two to three drinks within the hour, and I think we sampled every drink that was offered. The white and cava sangria tasted very similar, although the cava had a little bit more of a refreshing taste.  The red sangria was delicious and not too sweet. There was a lot of ice in the sangria. We also tried the pisco guajava, which is pisco, guajava, and lemon juice. If you like your drinks super sweet, order the pisco guajava. Overall the drinks were very tasty and Yerba Buena does not use cheap alcohol in their drinks.

Chew on this: 

Arepas $12 / Chicken tinga, scrambled eggs, avocado, queso fresco


The chicken had a nice kick, however, where is the rest of the rest of my meal? The dough was a little dry and they also skimped on the avocado. We were disappointed with the size of this meal, but luckily we split the Huevos Rancheros. The arepas also came with a side of greens topped with a delicious salad dressing. Yuerba Buena should definitely consider moving this dish to the appetizer list.  

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros $12 /  Crispy tortilla, black beans, charred tomato, cascabel salsa, queso fresco

This dish definitely made up for the arepas! I think the two of us who split these dishes wished we each had one of these to ourselves! It was presented beautifully. The tortilla was nice and crispy and did not get soggy at all. The cilantro in this dish really enhanced all of the flavors. Definitely a medley of goodness!

Pan Dulce

Cachapa Benedict, $13 / Sweet corn cake, asadero cheese, poached eggs serrano ham, yerba buena-aji amarillo hollandaise

This was a great benedict! The Serrano ham added fantastic flavor. The corn cakes were also a nice update to your average English muffin. I was pleased at the size of the meal.

Chupe De Mariscos

Chupe De Mariscos
, $14 / shrimp, calamari, black cod, aji amarillo broth, rice queso fresco, choclo, poached egg

I did not really know what I was getting myself into, as this was more of a soup then an egg dish, but it was a hearty “bang for your buck” meal. If you are into spice and a mix of seafood – order this! 

Steak “A Caballo” hanger,
$14/ Fried eggs, salsa criolla, sweet plantain

Steak “A Caballo” hanger

If you are a steak-and-eggs kind of person, this won’t disappoint you, but you will not be overly excited. The size of this was pretty average. Compared to everything else on the table there was no extra zing to this dish’s presentation or taste. 

The final bite: Food and presentation were superb, but be wise on the dishes you select (size does matter). The slow drink service prevented us from having more than a few drinks each during our very-monitored, one-hour time limit.

Reviewed by: Erica, Jen and Victoria

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